Board of nursing , has this one on ‘the list” . Amazing that a nurse cannot go to anyone for an ethics evaluation except this person. And how was she vetted ?

The warning is , when the underhanded AZ BON orders evaluations , psych or ethics , they sneak in on the paper that you sign . (SCREAMING LOUDLY WHILE PULLING HAIR , TALK TO SOMEONE WHO’S BEEN THROUGH IT FIRST!!!!!) and not an atty . (or at least not one who goes before the AZ BON (more later) .

The paper you sign , (UH!) states , “and any other tests or treatment the evaluator deems necessary ) . So you go to Atwood, who has law degree (BIG HINT HERE , never trust !!) who apparently , just a big HUNCH here, is having difficulty in her area so is now getting every referral from the corrupt AZ BON.

By signing this you open your self up to skills eval , psych eval, being labeled unethical , hair nail panels , refresher course , repeat psych eval after years of probation, what ever they dream up to keep you jumping through hoops of disaster .

5 thoughts on “WARNING! DENISE ATWOOD”

    1. Atwood is with Snell and WIlmer (Ducey ‘s law firm) so there’s that connection. Her bio says EMPLOYEE BENEFITS AND COMP . (not seeing the connection for ETHICS !!! ) She was getting all kinds of evaluations for nurses who refused to wear duct tape on their mouths and not voice any opinion about any of it . ! Wonder if she is part of the atty ethics evaluation committee , like atty’s or board member have ethical principles ! right !


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