AZ board of nursing game players

Still playing games with the sound system . They are doing this on purpose making it so people cannot hear the board meeting . Old trick too. ! the Director was informed many times and failed to do anything about the problem violation of open meeting laws. The nurses on the phone who live at a distance have had to ask the pres of the board questions over and over to speak up . That she sounded like she was in a barrel . That lots of echos and could not hear. Pres asked do you have you speaker on (blaming it on the nurse ) when she said NO, do you ?

The AZ BON plays lots of games and has the back up of the biased omsbudman , who is part of the little girls club.

Joke Ridenour is not fit to run an agency , and appears she never has been competent to do so . They blame complaints on the fact that nurses get punished by them and that is why they speak up . Joke does not have a clue what others are thinking , and some concern on her train of thought has been expressed in AZ and through out the country.

One thought on “AZ board of nursing game players”

  1. moron mcCormies tells atty they won’t wait on hold for him they don’t have the time. BUT EVERY CALLER EVERY SINGLE CALLER says at least 3 – 6 times each they cannot hear a word she is saying . Then the liar says “i will TRY to speak up , but does not . ” MCCormies is not able to do this position , she never was. Discussing cases about a nurse who cannot hear what is said , is not only rude but illegal . AND STUPID of any one to allow this . JO RIDENOUR sits on her worthless butt , saying NOTHING ! doing NOTHING !

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