AZBON biggest lie !

Protect the public. They make sure that during every meeting they say it over and over . Mekoba- Hill finally dropped her “motion to deem ” laughable nonsense , it did not give her an boost to her crashing career. Acting like mouth mcmormies is not attractive !

Who ever the misinformed is who wants to get Mekoba-Hill advise on prisons or jails , is really out there. Those initials mean NOTHING ! We have seen how she operates at the board of nursing meetings . She can’t seem to get her butt out of bed get dressed and make to the meetings . So some person on a screen you can’t see is making comments and decisions on someones life . She was caught many times not even in the meeting, not back from break not back from lunch . Not voting when it comes to her , because her voice is on mute and she can’t remember to un mute it. IT is on mute because everyone an hear her pouring coffee , flushing the toilet, doing dishes . STOP THE BS about protecting the public. Get real . Anyone this shiftless is not reading the cases , just let the ‘staff’ who are corrupt write out your choices, easy for you to pick a choice than to think for your self. (this goes for all board members.) McCormies shows up because she thinks the world will end without her mouth their to tell others what to think. CAROLYN MCCORMIES is the most hated board member .

One thought on “AZBON biggest lie !”

  1. EXCELLENT ! well done ! and very TRUTHFUL !
    Now that those working will be getting money for being preceptors ! UH . the new wave of nurses is after that almight buck Just like Sherrita (LPN on the board wants some of that cash too, even not qualifying for it !) The lawmakers are so stupid ! giving millions to pay those working to make a new grad into an experienced nurse (GOOD LUCK) ! Since the board members have taken away MANY good nurses ability to work and earn a living , those bitches had better be donating 20 turkeys EACH to the nearest food bank where YOU HAVE CAUSED MANY TO RELY ON . Think of it as GUILT TRIP Mission !


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