A real clown show , and nurses are all done being fooled !

“They are for administration! They know that “industry” uses Boards of Nursing as henchmen to insulate against self-incrimination when errors are made due to unsafe AND UNJUST cultures. They are not advocates for nurses or nursing….as our numbers dwindle, they refuse to address the elephant in the room!” TRUTH!

AZNA big actors, fakes, liars all pretending to help the nurses who give up their blood sweat and tears . It was all a joke .

The ANA is a decoy for fooling representation and political action on behalf of nurses exist .

Many nurses were fooled by the ANA when they got unjust board complaints. The ANA ignored all of it after sending what was written to the BON.

Not only do not join , although they have figured out how to obtain money, just not from members it won’t hurt them much.

As long as they are willing to lie and play cohort with the corrupt board of nursing those lawmakers are fooled to even think they are working toward bettering nursing . The biggest joke is they think they are the ones that got the vote of ‘most trusted profession’. When no one should trust anyone of them .

Only organization that will help nurses is a UNION !

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