Congratulations to Deanna WRight NP, RN for holding your ground. Board of nursing and their Associate Director and along with their chief bull shit r atty on staff , EMMA MAMALUY , all wrongly filed against a nurse . Cannot interpret laws . (omg that is the mandate INCOMPETENT !!! all the WAY ! )

TERESSA SANGIO , JD, is one for nurses. “Bethy ‘ Campbell hates her . And has made snide remarks , jealous as she is that someone else ‘get’s their way’ Actually out smarts the stupid Campbell and Mamaluy who are so busy looking up everyone on facebook, involved in records, and playing dirty tricks they miss the real picture . THEN instead of admitting they made a mistake they pull another one ! ALJ Thomas Shedden retires suddenly , after awarding Wright her atty fees and costs. And the Dirty Director Greg Hanchett (that dirty Ducey appointed ) assigned Tammy Eigenheer (a real dirty judge ) to the case and she REVERSED ALJ Shedden’s order !

Oh Yes Elizabeth’s Campbell’s old tricks, if a Judge does not agree with her find another one who will. Will “BETHY the UNETHICAL DISHONEST Lawyer going to play this number at the medical board ?. IF she does she will be ELIZABETH NIFONG CAMPBELL, the prosecutor who went to jail and disbarred making a mistake of going against accused who had parents with money . Drs have money .

OH and instead of ADMITTING WRONG DOING , Emma Mamaluy , Bethy Campbell, Jokey Ridenour, and the Board of nursing members ALL OF THEM cannot admit wrong doing !!! They go and hide in executive session to decide if they should dish out money for lawyer fees and costs (TAXPAYER MONEY ) for their ‘fax paus ” and follow appeals judges ruling . Hiding behind closed doors keeping information from those footing the bills for their mistakes in open public meeting. This is NOT legal advise . Just hiding when they lose .


  1. Elizabeth A Campbell has gotten away with quoting ars numbers that nurses going alone don’t even look up , she bets on it . The worst part is she doesn’t look them up ! Michelle Coudy caught many of her mistakes. Campbell is struggling she is just not up to what someone that is working as a AAG should be up to par and know the job well . Not just bringing in her ‘backers ‘ (LIARS ) from the nursing agency, to CYA . And now she’s at the medical board. She got the word Sunita Krishna was appointed Supr Ct judge (which is is SO UNQUALIFIED FOR) and Campbell move over into “POE”S ” place at the Med Bd .


    1. Sunita A. Krishna Cairo is one RACIST HATE FILLED CUNT, She hates white America. The Racist whore got her position as judge by flipping favors for certain people and not by intelligence. She had multiple preceptors during her clerkship after she graduated, Sunita A Krishna Cairo is a stupid anti-Christian whore.


  2. Will Elizabeth A Campbell ever stop coming back to the board of nursing , damn , get the fuk out bitch , go away ! you are a disgusting lying disgrace to the human race .
    If this “BETH CAMPBELL ” aka as the biggest liar , ever stopped her childish tactics on professional nurses she would still have the reputation of a non human who injects death penalty prisons on their final day with a smile on her face and sandwich in her hand, pretty routine .


  3. AZ BON is calling anyone but themselves UNPROFESSIONALS. !! OH THE IRONY !!!
    Arizona Nursing Board Accuses For-Profit Aspen University of “Unprofessional Conduct”
    posted at 11:09 am by David Halperin

    Arizona Nursing Board Accuses For-Profit Aspen University of “Unprofessional Conduct”

    The Arizona State Board of Nursing on Friday charged for-profit Aspen University with “unprofessional conduct,” a development that leaves the school’s some 700 Arizona-based nursing students with uncertain futures. In a 15-page complaint, the board cited evidence, based on student complaints and its own investigation, of low nursing license exam scores, rapid admissions growth, decrease in clinical programs, and more. The complaint warns that the school faces disciplinary sanctions for violations of the law.

    The Arizona nursing board warned at a January 28 meeting, which Aspen officials attended, that Aspen would need to sign a consent order committing to improvements by last Friday, or else face charges. A board official said at the meeting that Aspen’s nursing school problems were “very severe,” an “infrastructure collapse,” putting students “at great risk” and “a situation where they would be harmed.”

    Arizona law requires nursing programs in the state to have an 80 percent first-time passage rate on the nursing license exam, which is called the NCLEX. Aspen University’s 2021 rate was 58 percent, but reportedly has increased to 86 percent in 2022.

    Aspen University in total has about 10,000 students, all studying online. It offers a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as short-term certificates, in fields including business, education, and arts and sciences, as well as nursing. It is operated by the Aspen Group, whose stock is publicly traded. Aspen’s CEO is New York-based Michael Mathews. Aspen also operates San Diego-based United States University, which it acquired in 2017. 

    Aspen Group’s board of directors includes former U.S. representative Norm Dicks (D-WA) and Andrew Kaplan, managing partner of private equity firm Education Growth Partners and formerly with Quad Partners. 

    Mathews told Inside Higher Ed last week that he was “in the process of working closely with the Board of Nursing to determine what the terms of the consent decree will be, so it’s a little premature … at this point to express what the finality of the consent agreement will be.”

    The school posted a statement online on February 10 blaming the COVID pandemic for its problems and declaring that it would not “sign any agreement that jeopardizes our currently enrolled student’s ability to continue to work within our academic institution to finish their degree.”

    Aspen has indeed been engaged in a rapid expansion in recent years. Aspen has a 31 percent graduation rate, according to Department of Education data.

    The school is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). 

    The Arizona nursing board complaint gives Aspen 30 days to respond.

    UPDATE 09-22-22: Aspen University this week surrendered its Arizona state license to offer prelicensure nursing programs, after it told the state nursing board it would not meet the state’s minimum 80 percent nursing exam pass rate for 2022. In an SEC filing, the Aspen Group added, “Having entered into this agreement with the Arizona State Board of Nursing, Aspen will suspend new enrollments and complete instruction of its program for currently enrolled Core nursing students in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas.” More from Higher Ed Dive. 


  4. Sunita A. Krishna Cairo is one RACIST HATE FILLED CUNT, She hates white America. The Racist whore got her position as judge by flipping favors for certain people and not by intelligence. She had multiple preceptors during her clerkship after she graduated, Sunita A Krishna Cairo is a stupid anti-Christian whore.


    1. When a person is scammed out of their career by someone who lied , brought in other liars, tricks and games by an agency who constantly mouths more lies “protect the public’ they tend to get a little upset and if this is how they deal with it then don’t bash the poster . THIS is not how guilty people react . Better , write clean letter to every new law maker . Write and name names just like the ‘leadership’ (ROFLOL) at the board of nazis did , they wrote and got writers to write about this one . That is public bashing , they do it intentionally which is actionable .


  5. Rupa Low or Rupa Krishna MD, just another reject of Ram Krishna. Multiple practice areas. Sunita and her sister both are as dumb as a box of rocks just like daddy Ram Krishna.
    It’s a who you know situation, paid for degrees.


    1. And those who had everything paid for just retain and regurgitate for the exams and now you are in a position of too much power. Then start stealing careers from those who paid for everything put themselves through school to finally make a living with insurance . Sad the “classes ‘ like they have in India are brought to US . Ducey is stacking courts with pay backs with no experience in Supr Ct at all. Except when BON gets appeals they have to go to a real court.


  6. Board member Hill tells me ‘appreciate your honesty” YEA Carmen , the nurses would APPRECIATE YOURS . If you haven’t figured out that you are part of a very corrupt lying organization by now and haven’t resigned, or be honest what your real motive is , you are part of the problem . Along with McCORMIES BOYER SMITH (GCU) MANN AL HARK ELLIS SCHULTZ LOCNIKAR RIDENOUR MAMALUY HOOVER


  7. Stupid Sunita Krishna:


    Read the background information on the first 3 Ducey appointments to the courts, then read that Background information in that stupid Sunita Krishna, what a laughing stock she is, a lying laughing stock of Sh!t.
    She and her sister (Rupa Krishna Low) has had daddy pay their way, not smart but pure an simple stupid liars.


    1. How the medical board operates , with Ram on the Med BD and then Sunita as the prosecutor , and now Elizabeth A hole Campbell , how many Indian Docs get cited or dings on their license . Such a political mess ! Then the BAR which is highly political, who gets a license . The nursing world will only improve with the Ridenours gone !


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