This woman is as down right dirty as they come. ! Talks about herself how she can’t change her ‘voice’ . ANNOYING . When the case before mine came up , an atty asked for more than 5 mins because of two issues . McCORMIES lied AGAIN , telling him they give combined with atty and nurse 5 mins and WE DO THIS FOR EVERYONE TO BE FAIR ” LYING BITCH . many cases have gone 20 mins even 40 mins. This witch is NOT FAIR by any means. ! OH and and McCormies cleared her throat , sending signals , and distracting from the atty as he spoke. KINDNESS???? you MF, lying bitch, Rude , Obnoxious, down right nasty , cleared her throat over 9 times , and doesn’t have the manners to not do it IN THE MIC ! When something important to be said she mumbles and AVOIDS the MIC , but coughs into the mic what a F ing PIG !!!

Didn’t her parents teach her anything about manners ? She is doing this on purpose and should be off this board.

Wasn’t it RUDE when Shareeh comment denying Randy “a hole ” Quinn to speak again ! , this rude BITCH McCORMIES said she wanted to hear from him. Just ignore another board members comment . Of course Quinn and McCormies are long term ‘friends ” . SAD FOR NURSES IN ARIZONA !!!


  1. When I hear the name McCormies, or hear her voice the first thing that comes to mind is, “ Human papillomavirus (HPV)”. Working across the nation at medical facilities that treat STD’s, I’ve seen my share of those infected with Human papillomavirus (HPV), the first thing you notice about them are thier voice.
    I though she was supposed to be holy!

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    1. oh yes , every one like this who had tonsils out , the pathology report came back std ‘s and more than one . Remember deep throat . This is the kind of thing the az bd of nursing puts out there on nurse victims , just following their pattern of behavior . McCormies thought it was SO FUNNY to put private matters public and did not object to any of it . She is will do ANYTHING . Holy cow.


    1. Until you see a cult baptism a complete drowning , among other really strange ‘rituals’ that are part of the secret society , derived from the masonic order ; you would think they are bakers wearing a freak hat and acting out extremely weird. This is the ones ordering psych evals on ALMOST everyone . Oh the irony . On second thought, a swirly would do her real good , stick the lurch look alike head in the toilet and flush away .


    2. If you could only see how the mormons due a baptism , the entire body is dunked by a misfit wearing a bakers hate. Be sure and put in your poa that no one baptise you mormon dead or alive. The do baptise dead people . SO WEIRD this cult ,


    3. She attacks Catholic ‘s . she is a member in good standing of the cult . See how she act’s like she is better than others, when she is such a corrupt low life . She know’s the case are crooked , she know’s they are not ‘consistent’ just another lying mormon.


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