Joke Ridenour Emma Mamaluy

So silly Jokey Ridenour cannot see the truth , she got an atty who is not bright at all giving her legal advise and now Ridenour is exposed ! Mamaluy who likes to keep any responsibility for anything quiet but can’t keep her mouth shut trying to convince the board members to do what she wants . Saying stupid things like ” I’m not giving OFFICIAL LEGAL ADVISE” LOL !!! <choking on coffee , huge belly laugh > I guess board meetings are unofficial . LOL . <more loud laughter on this one , !! > What a total WRECK SHE IS !!! And Ridenour saying “that was a BOARD DECISION” well both are FOS up to their eyebrows.

Jokey filing in superior court because the ALJ ruled against her , so she waddles over to superior court , filing with out permission by the board , no vote taken , and of course Jokey has NO OVER SIGHT !! Gives them the papers her and MAMALUY dictated to Smith , handed them over and said “do you know who my husband is , william ridenour ” (we know this pair as Bonnie and Clyde).

Hey JOKEY they just put a 80 year old women in Tucson in prison for 5 years. No Sono Bello , no botox, no body wraps, no facials, no face lifts , change your liquid foundation , cause what you paste on clashes with orange ., and those state credit cards , just leave them at home. MAYBE you can get your cell mate to get someone on the outside to do Greg Hand Chett , aka hand job, some street justice .

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