It is very concerning and a slap in the face to nurses who have had their lives and careers , through no fault of their own, destroyed by the corrupt board of nursing . When a new person on the board announces ” I got a call during lunch they asked me how the BON meeting was going , I told them I am having FUN !!! !” What a sick sick woman this is . Nurses in the worst possible thing that has ever happened to them and you are having FUN!!!! .

This is weirdo , makes a comment , to steer others to order SKILLS EVALUATIONS . And guess who is in charge of that program ??? Shultz should never been allowed to be on a bon. We know that Ridenour wanted her , cause JOKEY RIDENOUR does not want ANYONE WHO SHE HASN”T DONE DIRTY WORK WITH ON THE BON .

Maybe Margie and Charles Hoover can have their FUN together . SHAME ON DUMB DUCEY for putting these biased crooks on a board that is worst than any other board.

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