RANDY QUINN too stupid to be embarrassed About his “MOUTH ” UH !! So STRANGE !

Quinn has had a LOT of time to voice his opinion at the BON , MCCmormies will not tell a male STFU Quinn ! . Queen babbling at the BON for an employee of his he wants to get her working asap to start making off her work and more money for him . So laughable this clown , his own introduction . Telling a board that was at the meetings with him for years , Quinn says , ” i was president of this board for a number of years , (forgot to tell them what an ass you made out of yourself then , sneaking cases in, telling others what to think, judging nurses by his cult brain washing , playing favorite’s with mormon nurses, ordering all kinds of tests for pour nurses who until they met him thought a BON would be fair and professional. But goes after others with double punishment . Quinn speaks of himself as 10 ft tall and bull proof, when he is just a big mouth , with no common sense thought process at all. ! Getting one of his friends on the board of nursing agenda in a ‘confidential ‘ manner but others he runs his mouth about.

As is he isn’t a big enough joke around the board of nursing members and those who were being punished to silence them and help out a corrupt hospital system . Oh Queen is all for shutting women up . Sassy , mouthy , a real SOB . Very typical of someone who should never ever be allowed to judge anyone!

Then the moron puts in a ad for the anesthesia group he is in! No one asked about him , he is not credible at all so why is he allowed to speak to get a woman a license so she can work make money for him. Conflict ,biased, looks like Randy The Moron hasn’t changed a bit, but we knew he wouldn’t . Those brains are severly so brain washed , it would take years of shock treatment and probation , he does need to be watched, to wipe out the years of the cult control . It won’t happen he is too ‘far gone’.

One thought on “RANDY QUINN too stupid to be embarrassed About his “MOUTH ” UH !! So STRANGE !”

  1. UH That “creep ” Randy Quinn , such a weird duck that one is . McCormies needs to go playing favorite with him, board member denied him to speak (guess she caught on to his ways rather quickly) . Both Quinn and McCORMIES are life time brain washed members of the cult club and will stick together like two turds in a pocket. Quinn’s judgement was so altered , unglued, and disjointed , he should NEVER BE ALLOWED NEAR PATIENTS . He treats mormons very different , why would it be anything else at work . Very very sick in the head.


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