Black hearted cruel uncaring CAROLYN JO MCCORMIES

what a nasty creature ! One who loves to tell others what she is all about but her actions are just so telling of what a UNHUMAN , acts like.

Take the NP who’s 5 yrs old son died, listen to the case Sept 2nd one, we believe. He was sobbing telling how rude his nurse was how he wanted the medical team to look at his son, he had to notify the Dr himself. To lose a children a son a 5 yr old boy is devastation to any parent.

The BON IMMEDIATELY made motion to dismiss the unethical , uncaring , know it all who told the parent “you’re just a NP”. The son died this next morning . And to McCormies who kept saying , ” thank you for coming ” . (which means your leaving now we offer no more talk or explanation or why we come up with that gut punch decision . And McCormies the social misfit who has no common cutesy to a parent who lost their child to even say ‘sorry for your loss’ NOTHING . just get rid of him because you know that the hospital does not want to be on the hook for any malpractice . This shows you want absolute dumb asses are on the bon , they cannot speak without McCormies (the real misfit ) speaking for them . Just sit there like the dummies they are and allowing such rudeness to someone who had the biggest lose of their life taken from them , medical error . Betting the McCormies would have the same reaction if Chase’s son died , ‘thank you for coming ” . FUK you Carolyn you black hearted wicked evil monster > ! YOU embarrass good caring nurses everywhere . And NO YOU ARE NOT ONE . Your bs , ‘ty for coming’ after dismiss , COLD . Very cold bitch. No way the students haven’t picked up on miss fake really is !!

2 thoughts on “Black hearted cruel uncaring CAROLYN JO MCCORMIES”

  1. Remember the AZ Hospital Association law suit where they were sanctioned & sued 22 million for violations of the Sherman Act, (rigging pay wages), and remember who was on the board of the AZ HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION, you guessed it JOEY RIDENOUR.
    If you think that BLACK HEARTED WHORE OF HELL MCCORMIES is not getting her cut to make sure banner and the rest are not sued, then your wrong because she will do anything to keep her bank account full.


    1. Most definitely the ‘pres’ of the board knows the back room antics . It is not a fair vote it is tainted by McCormies , and Emma dark horse Mamaluy . All of the cases are decided way before the board meeting . No way should they have numbered options with#1 being what they want . And no way should business partners be allowed to be on the board. Dale was friends with William Ridenour . selling orthotics for Banner .


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