If the AZ BON orders psychological evaluation

They say “board approved psychologist” . Now, how do you think they get approved ? Be aware that this evaluation is to build information AGAINST the nurse . They order them to make sure they are rock solid in ordering consent agreements that put the nurse on probation.

The investigator or the snake Emma Mamaluy will contact this psych and push , hint, add lies (the nurse is not on the phone line when all of this lying is going on , and they don’t do it in writing , hide the trickster work ) ; remind them of false allegations, dramatize it up , until they write can benefit from counseling , safe to practice but proceed with caution, to put you on probation . Don’t forget when you sign for psych evaluation “and any other testing the psych deems ” this is where they can order just about any test you can dream of at your expense. This is why Ms self proclaimed “ethics ” evaluator can order psych evals . Ms non ethics lives in Gilbert, is an atty with NO expertise in this area at all , Just friends of the board .

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