CHARLES HOVER newest board prosecutor

Sad he has a long standing association with the board of nursing . Sad because when you are associated with something so corrupt , and get away from it , a normal person would steer clear. When you look at what your going back to, well… WHY???

could be many reasons , here are possibilities : Not in any order .

not enough to retire on

likes to see people suffer

jokey ridenour gave him some cash but (don’t tell anyone)

went to ag office got hired and assigned to BON coincidence ?

wants to be as popular as Eliz Campbell, even bad reviews makes him happy

in a sick way like Joke Arpaio , loves attention

wants to hook up with emma mamaluy

he knows it is very easy to ‘win’ a case , because it is rigged but doesn’t care

makes him feel important in a weird way

wants women to be his boot lickers

is an atheist

his past experience the women cried and he likes that

actually believes the nurses did something wrong

loves playing lawyer and having a judge, and getting one over on the nurse

every hearing is an act , he plays courtroom , never really has to prove his case of BULL SH*T just like Elizabeth Campbell.

not a good lawyer so gravitates to court rooms no rules to follow.

has a boring wife or ‘friend’

trying to save the board of nursing from collapse

doesn’t care about his BAR license anymore

money is king , tells himself he is just ‘doing his job’ .

actually thinks that someone has to do it

too lazy to bill hours and just wants a salary

the dog died

can’t imagine retiring and staying home with _______

Actually believes any nurse he has won’t know what he has done.

hates the law knows that due process is to be abolished

nurse always loses he knows that but brags about ‘winning “

can’t make it with the big boys so he goes after e z targets nurses with out lawyers

hates women and wants them in their place

if anything goes wrong it is HER FAULT , find some female and blame them

viagra stopped working

wants invites to parties are judges houses

all kinds of reasons that someone would take this position, do not know one person who has this mind set or would do it for a million dollars .

Worst of luck to you in your new position and hope that you lose your shirt off your back .

26 thoughts on “CHARLES HOVER newest board prosecutor”

    1. Thank you Peary,
      I too filled a complaint against the pettifogger, and he was sanctioned again by the AZ Bar Association in 2009.
      What a slimy FAT PIG Charles Hoover is.

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      1. IT takes A LOT to get the BAR to sanction anyone . They generally do not go after their own (unlike nurses). The BAR is not a state agency , they make up their own rules.


      2. This does not say much for the AG office hiring someone with sanctions like this !! A nurse would never get work with any sanctions but several complaints . Who checked this creep out . There is charles 1, 2, and 3, the one are the BON is charles the TURD (III) . Ridenour certainly gets the worst of the worst in there, anyone willing to play dirty with her in her sand box . (which explains Mamaluy , a real snake ) !


  1. Charles Hoover was a sanctioned run of the mill lawyer who was reported to the BAR. Charles Hoover has never defended nurses, he has always been in bed with AZBN. I guess the firm he was with in 2008 no longer wants the incompetent pettifogger.
    Charles Hoover takes the nurses money but works for the AZBN, and he is a sanctioned low level lawyer commonly know as a pettifogger

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    1. seems to be the kind of lawyer attracted to the corrupt board of nursing . Dirt bags , oh yes. a perfect one to take Elizabeth Campbell’s place , maybe he trained her ! gang of thieves , hitting up low hanging fruit , e z pickens , nurses .


  2. CHARLES HOOVER, “ While under pressure and working on a large real estate transaction, respondent (CHARLES HOOVER) misappropriated substantial sums from his client and fraudulently billed for personal expenses.”
    Sounds like a real trustworthy snatch that CHARLES HOOVER III.


  3. Imagine that, poor fatso “UNDER PRESSURE”, WTF.
    As nurses we are not allowed to be under pressure even when our patient is circling the drain and we are doing everything possible to keep the patient from coding.
    Awe poor fatso was under pressure and that’s what made him STEAL MONEY.


  4. His PSYCHIATRIST BELIEVED FATSO CHARLIE was M’Naghten insane at the time, so that he either did not know right from wrong, the nature and quality of his acts, or both. Hoover I, 155 Ariz. at 194, 745 P.2d at 941. The Local Hearing Committee (Committee) (see generally Rule 48, Ariz.R.Sup.Ct., 17A A.R.S.)[2] AND FATSO IS STICKING BY THE adopted this testimony.

    So colleague’s in the future we to can claim calamity. WTF, lol.

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  5. Looks like the AZ BAR in 1989 did not fall for fats”s twinkle defense.
    “Although our history may compel us for now to employ M’Naghten as the test for the propriety of imposing punishment for crime, it does not require us to do so when considering whether to sanction an attorney for violation of lawyers’ ethical precepts”.
    It appears fatso’s daddy did much the same.
    Rave on fatty HELL IS BUT HALF FULL.

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      1. David Petersen, Paul Petersen , Daddy & son Hoover or Hover are all crooked.
        Money, sex, and drugs.


  6. I’ll be coming around the Bend fatso, I’d advise you to recuse yourself when I get there.
    Dumb A$$, and Fatso all rolled up in one, what a combination in a lawyer but look the Petersen’s was just as dumb.

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  7. “Respondent (fatso Charlie Hover or Hoover) argues that suspending a lawyer whose misconduct was caused by a mental disease over which he had no control serves no worthwhile purpose.”.

    Poor dumb A&& Charlie to sick to properly argue a decent objection for sanction. WTF and a lowlife but he will fuk over a nurse in a heart beat, and STEAL YOUR MONEY TOO.


    1. Good to know ,so when they suspend my wives , that is on consent agreement , he won’t have a leg to stand on . The only reason these low lives get away with it is because no one fights back .


  8. “Respondent (fatso Hover/Hoover) contends that imposing a severe sanction such as suspension will do nothing to deter others who suffer from manic depressive psychosis from engaging in improper conduct caused by a mental disease over which they have no control.” What a laughing stock of Sh!t you are fatso.

    Now fatso I will say if you knew you were crazy as a bedbug it’s your responsibility to do something about it, not society’s.
    And thats what jokey has told many nurses who are mentally ill, “your illness is yours, not mine, therefore your are responsible,”, then the lights goes out on the nurses just like our jobs, bank accounts, food on our tables, and a roof from over our heads. Not just nurses who are mentally illness but those of us nurses who refuse to take any Sh!t from jokey.

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    1. OMG , and she is the one who sets up special needs ??? WOW , crazy ! Hey JOKE RIDENOUR , YOU are the dir of the bon so therefore anything or any employee does anything that is not on the up and up YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE ! you crazy bitch ! wicked crazy !


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