Nurses jailed facing prison

Two nurses one 22, the other 44 , were charged with not changing dressings and wound got worse. Arrested for felony neglect , facing 5 years in prison. Now we all know nursing homes run nurses ragged , staffing is the pits and always short staffed . Healthcare workers wouldn’t put their dog in one. Always wet diapers , laying in their feces, until staff has time to check them.

The AG office will prosecute. Elizabeth Campbell could do this and gleem with pride . Now what about CHARLES HOOVER ??? HMMM the spot light will be on him. This case is not in AZ, but still he is in the prosecutor seat. HOOVER had few cases before the BON, and looks like he is a bored senior that is going to give it one more whirl . His past association with the corrupt board of nursing, does not give much hope that he will be human and does know what his real job will be. Hoover will play the game , he knows what is expected , take those nurses that are targets down . Destroy another career. Ridenour only wants those what have been checked out, they won’t want to do what’s right , what’s fair , they will go with program in place . Which is bring up any dirt you can find true or not , put on a kangaroo court, make them pay for wanting a hearing and not be obedient. IT all makes sense now how Hoover ‘s case’s he didn’t fight real hard for the nurse, he seemed to just show up and collect money from unsuspecting nurses who thought they had a chance.

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