CHARLES HOOVER newest prosecutor AZ BON .

As if things at the BON are not corrupt enough , Jokey is DESPERATE !!! DESPERATE !!! she is paranoid , and having a crisis .

Judy retired, Malloch left so she hires these incompetent , with records dirty lawyers ALL OF THEM ARE DIRTY Elizabeth Campbell, Emma Mamluy, Sunita Krishna, Kathryn Busby . (look up her record with the BAR !!! ) .

no nurse can be on the bon with a nursing sanction but they allow those caught dishonest dirty atty’s !! And Brett Sutter with his expunged felony . This is your BON , in charge of nurses the most honest profession.

And now Craig Harris re joining , bottom feeders !

12 thoughts on “CHARLES HOOVER newest prosecutor AZ BON .”

  1. I bet everyone in the licenseing enforcement office will make sure their purse is locked up, or their wallet is in their front pants pocket when good time Charles around.

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    1. One of the front desk employees stole the credit card number of a nurse. When it was posted, boom , the thief is gone . Remember the black one on the end with the sharp tongue , oh yes and her boy toy worked their too . Stealing nurses licenses and their credit card numbers . DO NOT RENEW IN AZ , IF YOU DO DON”T DO IT ON THE PHONE , change your credit card number !


    2. It is all clear , Joke Ridenour is using her position to protect friends again. Hoover old time friend , used to prosecute nurses at the bon in the past . SO Jokey contacts AG office and recommends one of her mafia crew who is already groomed in her dirty work. AG hired this atty who is not in good standing with his career and assigned him to the BON. Joke needs a good law suit filed for her behavior . What a wicked witch. THIS is the problem with NO over sight !


      1. I think hover was a lawyer who worked at a firm in Phoenix, I don’t think he ever worked for AZBN.
        He did steal money from nurses too by not properly defending us.


      2. At the board of nursing meeting introduction of charles hoover they said way back he was working with the board of nursing . may be on recorded message most likely towards the end second day . with his name misspelled pg 14, Lots of eye rolling , and aw ha no wonder. As if things are not corrupt enough at the board.

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      3. makes one wonder about Campbell? Think if you’re a court officer doing what she’s doing?? Or did many times over. A pt. finds visitor gift on her night stand.The value gift goes missing and nursing gets away with switching it. These are immoral actions that people like Campbell and Ridenour and thieves are one. Their prices for this behavior are high as now so many bedside nurses know.


  2. He has had a few cases now and then at the BON. Just listen , the board is the dumbest freaks on the planet. About as shiftless as Chelle , actually fighting for his clients . Look up Kathy Busby dirty doings as atty and the azna brought her on board. She should not have been able to be on the BON. Ridenour tells the Gov who she wants . After she asks Emma Mamaluy , who will only want to most corrupted ones. That just might change . Watch and see.


  3. All the reasons for going to the bd of nazis to prosecute . And now we know the REAL answer . He can’t get a job ANYWHERE ELSE !! AZ BON attracts the scummiest , the ambulance chasers types , the real dirty trickster’s of the trade. KATHERINE BUSBY CHARLES HOOVER EMMMA MAMALUY ELIZABETH CAMPBELL SUNITA KRISHNA . Oh and CHELLE you can add to the list, along with SARA STARK , and CRAIG HARRIS .
    Can’ t trust them as far as you can throw the bass turds !


  4. Ok need for more concrete statement . actual cases leave off names , actual facts the corrupt board of nursing agency and their partners of crime are doing. The BON members are into name calling , labeling , and attacking with derogatory remarks . We are better than that ! Rise above , the BON does their name calling and talking about nurses in a nasty tone because they can’t argue the points they resort to name calling . Just the fact ma’m .


    1. A nurse who filed against az bd , hired charles hoover, ! imagine how he fought for her (NOT!!!) and Elizabeth Campbell , the defendant. They must have had a real belly laugh over this one. JULIE JOHNSTON CV2002-011885 . Suppose Hoover told her , I used to work for the board , i know the laws. HAHA but then lose on purpose and charge the poor nurse. Damn, Is charlie going to be the biggest lose at Campbell ? He is a real sucker for sure , can’t get a job so goes to ag , and before brno the incompetent got out . Keep you eye on this one!!


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