where do they get these people . ? Mann has DNP does that mean dumb nurse practioner ? Nov case they drilled this pour nurse . Who do these people think they are ? Very accusing and nasty asking this nurse about her actions. When Mann asked her if she flushed the catheter the nurse said no then Mann said “how do you know it was patent ?” NO f’ing way !! When has Mann ever worked took a team and juggled patients if ever. Sad . ! Flush every foley catheter , your nuts lady . As a patient no friggin way any nurse is going to FLUSH a catheter . It is a closed system , great way to introduce a big UTI .

This was the same case lying CAROLYN MCCORMIES told the atty no extra time even though 2 separate issues ! When she told him it is 5 mins between atty and nurse. LIAR !! Inconsistent LIAR !!! , Such a LIAR !! she let Randy (MORON) QUINN run his mouth , not an atty and was not the nurse before the board. MCCORMIES STOP LYING YOUR BLOND BIMBO HEAD OFF !!!

3 thoughts on “LAWANDA MANN AZ BON”

    1. since charlie the tuna got a complaint, his shark tooth friend jokey decided to take care of her fish friend and fry the nurse. many cases of jokey ridenour the dirty dir using her position to take down anyone who touch’s her mafia style cohorts in crime. retaliation is her expertise .


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