Since when does a DUI not get a psych evaluation at the Arizona Board of Nursing meeting. ?

Know anyone got a dui and did not get a psych evaluation ? Well , at the BON meeting , a nurse’s atty said , this is about a dui, and she doesn’t need a psych evaluation there is no mental health issues . !! NO SHIT , loc , because the atty told the BON that no mental health issues were a part of this problem ! SARA STARK , who is in CLOSE contact with EMMA MAMALUY .

This BON is SO corrupt ! Carolyn McCormies knows this is NOT the CONSISTENT way of the BON , she knows it but lies her fucking head off ! Then parades around in her , “i am a good mormon church dress , like her shit don’t stink.

The BON members are too lazy to read cases, and just go be the recommendations by some back room discussion , based on WHO THE NURSE IS , not what DID THEY DO ! !

ANYONE have to pay for psych eval on DUI file a class action . This bon is NOT appointed to be unfair , take care of their church friends, make sure certain atty’s clients are taken care of , and work deals with the pettifogger EMMA MAMALUY .

One thought on “Since when does a DUI not get a psych evaluation at the Arizona Board of Nursing meeting. ?”

  1. Ok guys , where are those comments on TRINA SMITH ! Jokey Ridenour , Dir keeps those close to her the ones willing to lie. Smith and Hurtado . Look up the consequences ! Share your personal story. We have a few but years ago many nurses posted how they lied . Loose lips sink ships . In this case withholding information will have the same effect.


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