AZ Nursing board regulation recap

The biggest corrupt threat healthcare in America faces are the regulatory boards of nursing . Their only interests are money and power and they are graded by how many licenses they revoke place on probation and how many nurses are disciplined, to justify the constant increases in their budgets from the States.
Heaven knows, there are many poor nurses out there. But this has become a cottage industry and is run now exclusively for-profit.
It doesn’t matter how good a nurse you are, but it does matter how connected you are. If you’re not connected, these people will shake you by your heels for every dime you have and every dime you will earn for the next 20 years.
They are evil and they are predators. If you die from the stress of their abuse, or commit suicide, they have a ready lie; “Well, that’s just their disease.”
In my opinion, the lawyers that seek to defend you against them are almost as bad; but that is another discussion.
Beware, and never speak to them alone.

If you are a patient, they are harming you most of all, because nurse’s voices to protect you are silenced, and the frightened nurse’s that remain are so paralyzed in fear they will not treat you as you need or deserve.

Some states are worse than others , by survey Arizona is the worst LA is pretty close .

Anyone who is a victim of this unfair , unethical board, abuse of power, down right dirty , and suffered the wrath of Joke Ridenour and her minions , thoughts go out to you and know what you have endeared . She will retire board members will term out , we are still who we are and well aware of what they are , just wicked !

2 thoughts on “AZ Nursing board regulation recap”

  1. Both prior articles are accurate although the lightening rod of knowledge in the groups you name as fakes cause info to be spread. Many more nurses learn more everyday and the mind of the bedside nurse must be fed the truth to fight for nurse & pt. safety. Az is the king of the hill when it comes to witnessing liars. Arrogance in downtown Phoenix has the best teachers.


    1. If you take down the BON the patient safety will come . Take down, stop the retaliation of nurses who speak up . Stop retaliating using your position and taxpayers money . AZNA pulls that ‘nurse safety ‘ issue , as if they are working for nurses and protecting them , but will agree with what ever corruption the BON is up to and swear by them , to protect their own licenses . Take down, they have to follow laws , that is what scares them the most . Other states have rules and laws , that level the playing field 20% chance of prevailing , in AZ it is 0% chance . Distractions of nurse safety, nurse staffing is not getting this done . Sounds good to the uneducated and gives appearance of ‘doing something’ . Just like new grads actually think the BON is protecting the public. An agency set up to control nurses and will spend any amount of time and money doing so . !


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