This man dodged a bullet for sure . Sounds like he had a compact license and they wanted him to have a AZ license so they could nail him . Nice that he did not get the deep dive investigation on him . Witch hunters must have had fit they could not ding him , and go and pass more laws against nurses .

“I worked as a nurse in AZ and the BON hated me because as a certified emergency paramedic I could intubate and do other advanced skills. They were soooo worried I was going to do something not approved as a nurse. I knew my boundaries. BON wanted to do away with dual medical licensing.”

To Retired Nurse : They were not worried about anything but getting a sanction on your license or putting you on probation, they do not protect the public .

To Nurse victims: there are a lot of nurses who have had encounters with the out of control az board. Some do not talk of it, some retire then talk about it . How much time and paper work was spent on this nonsense ! Public needs to know , and not the lies from the bon bitches who lie their heads off !

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