Update on case DDR

A few years back a NP was working in a psych facility , the rest of the staff wanted to discharge a homeless young man On Christmas Eve . DDR said no you can’t to that. A complaint about southwest mental health went in , Bob Bohanske . Who’s office is just above the BON. Well as retaliations go, JR knew exactly what to do, to ‘get even for her friend’ . this is her area of expertise. With a slimy gleem in her eye , her and her staff went to work and destroyed yet another career.

The AZ BON was putting “under investigation’ on the nurses name on line BEFORE THE NURSE WAS AWARE. This was an illegal attempt to put them out of work w/o a lot of phone calls. DDR fought for every nurse in AZ and filed a special action. The judge agreed and AZ BON was no longer able to carry out their illegal dirty tricks. Conviction before a hearing . Appeals met with dirty judges as well as OAH dirty ALJ’s (DIANE MILHASKEY) and lost going up against the blank check writers of the AZ BON who fought hard , how dare anyone , not be obedient . The BON members are used to everyone obeying the bishop wanna be quinn brain washed moron.

Fast forward. DDR moved to Mass where his parent lived , after 5 yrs reapplied . Mass BON told him clear it up with AZ . He reapplied for license . IT was all arranged what would happen . McCormies was in on the ‘fix his ass” scheme. NOT ONE BOARD MEMBER EVEN QUESTIONED A THING, JUST VOTED ON MCCORMIES MOTION . Voted to give license for refresher course , (like you forget in 5 yrs how to be a NP ! ) . He used to teach.

Motion to renew BUT must do refresher course in AZ . WHY? no other state has refresher courses ??? OR is AZ BON friends with the instructors and try to nail him early , they have NO intention of him every working as NP again. AND 2 years probation , IN ARIZONA . This mean , quit the only job he has , move to AZ get a place to live pay huge fee for course , while his elderly parents live in Mass. Then funny girl wicked CAROLYN MCCORMIES says jokingly , “you might as well just move back to Az ” . Talk about a set up.

He got the temp for class < which is very expensive > , only for 1 year his mother was put in hospice , and he was the main caregiver . He asked for more time. AZ BON refused. His mother passed 10/26 .

The AZ BON reported him to National data bank, ncsbn, and Mass BON. How does starting a program 6 months later r/t public safety ? BLACK HEARTED DIRTY CAROLYN MCCORMIES , EMMA MAMALUY and the rest all in on it . SHAME ON EVERY ONE OF THEM . This is COLD. They rule based on he challenged them, like everyone should . What BON would even think of putting before getting the nurses side , under investigation. The AZ BON pulls A LOT of these illegal activities ! Who is watching them !!! The AZ BON sets people up for failure . Requiring someone to move 3000 miles . They wanted him on probation in AZ so they could control and find any reason to deny license.

McCormies knew exactly she was not doing what the board usually does, but will run that big mouth of hers “consistent’. NO just like her home life she outs anyone who goes against their teaching in a hateful way. When will the other board members stop listening the back room rendition report and use their own heads ??

Hey LISA SMITH , didn’t YOU think this was asking a lot and making it near impossible to do , would you be with your dying mother or ask to extend the time.

How about you CARMEN HILL ? ? is THIS ‘best practice ” .

Angela Fountain. We expect you to put the BON Above YOUR MOTHER too .!


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