Ducey’s dirty work before he hits the land of unemployed .

Rob R.

KIRK ADAMS is in on this Ducey’s former front line . We will all be left high and dry . ! Hate to get too political but this site is to expose and educate newbies and new victims of the corrupt AZ BON. Who are 100% about politics, dirty politics. !

pray things change and people start doing their jobs and do it honestly (yea asking ALOT of this BON!!!)

The Last Act: Ducey’s folly

The attempted cramdown of a desalination proposal was a raw exercise in crony capitalism.

Robert Robb

1 hr ago

The last meeting of the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority before Gov. Doug Ducey rides off into the sunset was a sorry spectacle in governance. There was an attempted cramdown of a raw exercise in crony capitalism. And it partially succeeded. 

Last session, the legislature revamped the authority and gave it a billion dollars over three years for water augmentation projects.

The revamped authority board has nine voting members, five appointed by the governor and one each by the Senate president and minority leader and the House speaker and minority leader. There’s a geographical distribution requirement for board members, but appointments aren’t subject to Senate confirmation.

In other words, Ducey appointed the board’s majority, with authority to spend a billion dollars of taxpayer money, without any true check or balance.

Ducey has long been a desalination bug. And it was clear that he intended for the billion bucks to be used to somehow get desalinated water from Mexico to Arizona. 

The final board appointment wasn’t made until early November. The revamped authority is still in its early organizational phase. Yet, just before Christmas, it took preliminary steps to commit $750 million of the billion to a specific desalination project. 

When the authority revamp legislation was making its way through the legislature, rumors were rampant that the fix was in for a particular group and project. The rumors were vigorously denied. The authority would operate with a clean slate, all proposals would start on an equal footing, went the assurances.

Legislators who believed that were naïve. Yet there were only two votes in the entire legislature against the revamped authority, with that appointment process, and the statutory rules allowing this particular proposer, called the IDE group, to get to the head of the line.

9 thoughts on “Ducey’s dirty work before he hits the land of unemployed .”

  1. EXPOSURE & THE TWITTER FILES: Ridenour you are another that’s going down the tubes of exposure and you can bank on that.
    Ducey and his a$$ kissing demoterrorist of AZ is treasonous against the AZ CITIZENS.
    Billions of dollars from pedophile Biden given to scabby Ducey so he could give it to hospital CEO’s and you Ridenour is sickening.

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    1. Very common I found out in AZ for this bait and switch tricks to go on . The AZ BON has not clue about any of this , they just know to protect the hospital and mouth protect the people ., the public too stupid to know what we’re talking about really . And most bon members are too stupid to know what’s really going on ! Heads up what makes AZ so different and dangerous . Just wanted to give a heads up to CVOR techs looking for a contract…. YRMC in Prescott, AZ (Yavapai Regional Medical Center) I took a contract with them and I ended up cancelling 2 weeks in. I was lied to in my interview and told 2 techs on call, they never mentioned assisting, or the fact that the heart team is backup call for the general team. If you’re on call you’re expected to assist the surgeon until the PA can join while passing instruments simultaneously, including going on pump. I was the 5th traveler that wasn’t told this, and the 5th traveler to cancel less than halfway through a contract.


  2. Ducey won’t be unemployed he still has millions in his bank account from AZ Citizens which he plans on running’s for 2024 president and C-nt Mitch McConnell is helping with more money.

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    1. No one will vote for this clown Ducey except his pay backs. losers . He will pay for his money loving friends . Look at what a messed up decision maker Semi truck beds lined up costing millions to AZ , he should be fined ! and remove them at his cost. Watch this year as the vaccine set up he was tooting his horn about , will unravel as a BAD IDEA !


  3. MF’in A$$ Pirate Mike Pence & Ducey are going to lock up like 2 dogs in the street for this coming 2024 Presidential Election.
    Scabs and slime they both are and need to be commissioned by President Putin.


    1. Nurses have long memories . That should scare the hell out of McCormies, Mamaluy Boyer , and the rest who are in the middle of the biggest heist in Arizona . They all know it . back to some very strange nurse cases . posting what they have done the public can understand.


  4. AZ is a cabal of organized crime, and you stinking old sow Ridenour you are in the mist of it all and I have the goods.
    Merissa Hansen🇺🇸
    Per Rasmussen, 69% of DEMS believe Maricopa County is a criminal enterprise that deprives its own citizens of the right to vote.

    Secondary interpretation: Mark Lamb and all statewide won because of mormon’s voting


    1. It’s a new year (almost) and got to get the word out . Hobbs promised transparency , so let’s see. The AZ BON is a secret society , even with so called ‘open meetings’ . Notice about a year ago the minutes were very detailed, but they went back to protecting a few while bashing others. Looks like they did it for awhile to get Danee Garone to sign off. Another sucker on the az tit of payroll. not doing his mandate, along with Dennis Wells , who is another failure boy of ducey .


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