It is pretty much the consensus that this (is she a person??? ) is a whack job and down right dirty lying skank . Prosecuting criminals is one thing but going after educated good nurses who are hard workers and give and give is another kind of sicko . Being paid money which is so meaningless a tool to be ‘stuff ‘ is just wrong , whores do it , and so does “BETH” CAMPBELL.

It is not surprise these are the rules of her GAME. The lies are to the BON back room chats , and dirty alj’s (her husband is an ALj ) they found each other , like minds.

1. Prosecutors will charge and arrest someone without proof that a crime was even committed.

2. Just because the case is being brought to trial does not mean the State has rock solid evidence against that person. On the contrary, it may mean the accused is innocent and insisted on going to trial, rather than accepting a “deal” from the State, for nurses this is ‘consent agreement ” because they believed a ALJ would see the truth.

3. Prosecutors will lie.

4. Prosecutors will coach their witnesses to lie.

5. People of ALL ages will pretend to be victims and use the court system to punish someone for whatever “wrong” they feel was done to them. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but men are equally capable of revenge.

6. Prosecutors will agree to not charge anyone else as a participant in the crime, in exchange for their testimony against the accused. Many other nurses did things unprof but hey they are willing liars , ignore that !!

7. Prosecutors will overwhelm you with information that has NOTHING to do with the case. Oh yes “bethy’ was passive aggressive , ‘what’s your dogs name?”

8. Prosecutors will overwhelm you with testimony from witnesses who know NOTHING about the case.

9. Listen and look for inconsistencies in the testimony of everyone, including law enforcement officers and “expert” witnesses. Cops side with state agencies liars , intimidators , and bullies , usually low IQ .

10. Seriously consider the motives of every witness who testifies against the accused. OH yes , and consider the motive real motive of the BON!!!!

11. Insist on physical / written proof that the accused committed the crime – not just someone saying he/she did it, regardless of whether or not they have a motive to testify against that person.

12. The prosecutor must PROVE a crime was committed AND the accused did it. Just because the State preaches a good sermon and convinces you to believe is NOT justification for a guilty verdict. With nursing cases they never prove their cases, and the BON votes on HUNCHES .

13. Realize that BON members have agendas, and will lie in order to get accepted onto the BON, so they can ensure the accused is convicted.and take care of their friends. Be suspect of a juror who is sure the accused is guilty, without being able to explain why. (McCormies wants to revoke everyone who is not obedient like she is ) She can sit up and roll over for Emma Mamaluy . Good doggy !

14. Give the accused person the benefit of the doubt, rather than “erring on the side of caution” in your verdict.

15. Most importantly, before finding anyone “guilty,” imagine that the person on trial is YOU! BON members don’t think , they are very easily suggested to and they always take the bait .

2 thoughts on “Prosecutors ELIZABETH CAMPBELL”

  1. A AZ nursing prof was asked about her experience with the BON . Oblivious to how the BON really operates she did mention , Oh yea the BON calls me about once a week and tells me the student who is submitting complaints about me to the BON. Then a chuckle.
    How many nurses who have some crazy nut using the BON to get someone in trouble get a call that so and so is submitting complaints about you so that you can do them in first (like this prof who flunked the student , another laugh) How many nurses get a phone call from the BON about a mgr who submitted or co worker submitted complaints ? Then all the student complaints were dropped , nothing came of it . Why is the BON warning the nursing prof ?? Because they are partners in crime ? Because they are in so called leader positions and must stick together again their nurses. ? AND giving the students name when you can submit anonymous. Obviously this prof is not a good teacher or she wouldn’t get complaints every week . This is INCONSISTENT , just in case McCormies needs it spelled out for her. How many times did the BON contacted McCormies to tell her about students complaining about HER ! and it went no where. ? MCCormies is a retaliation expert, she got one of the other profs fired and a BON complaint . Dirty !! real dirty . McCormies will turn on anyone that crosses her like a snake turning hissing and striking it’ s prey . The one who did the calling A LOT was Valerie Smith another dirty BON employee , now it is Emma Mamaluy , dirty work sneaky low life snake in the grass. !


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