AZBN end of year accomplishments

2022 did not go by unnoticed. The AZBN was again the most corrupt Board of Nursing in the entire nation. Taking the lead on the the most inconsistent decisions . Based either on the Dirty Atty , and Emma Mamaluy the lying lawyer for the BON, secret meetings, making back door deals. To the nurses who are on staff and did a violation and got nothing. If a nurse is not disciplined this will go far for the hospital. Just like the lawyer for Tory Richmond, will sing that tune over and over and over. If the jury only know what kind of numbskulls are on the BON , and the dirty deals.

2022 was also the weirdest board member comment , and that goes to ANGELA FOUNTAIN. who told a CRNA who was before the BON on 2 fatal outcomes of patients in a dental office . When he talked about what he did (his version) Fountain said “GOOD JOB”. Oh yes if she means fatally losing 2 patients in 2 separate dentist offices.

2022 was a big year for AZBN , the members are voted the dumbest board members and disgrace to the nursing profession .

2022 Also gave the dirty director headlines again as the worst and most corrupt Dir of BON agency .

2022 got to hand it to the dirty director to misplaced funds 100’s of thousand and tell the lawmakers their “was a glinch in the system” . They took that answer without question. All 7 of them .

Then as if the AZ BON is the only agency that can handle anything related to nursing . Ducey signed the lawmakers gave the BON 75 million over 3 years and put ……wait for it …………………..2 former BON Presidents (no one is a bon president who is not aware of the amount of corruption ) . Kathy Malloch who knows nothing about nursing and anyone who buys her books wants a refund ! Kathy Scott , another temple attendee, so you know she’ll do anything for a buck . Banner’s former ceo , and Tim Porter O’grady who brings in foreign nurses , gets them licenses thru konnection Kathy , and makes money off them . Import nurses is their answer. unbelieveable .

Any other accomplishments of the worst bon in az , submit your replies . There’s more .

Until Dirty Jokey Ridenour gets kicked off the thrown , and out the door , 2023 looks pretty bleak .

7 thoughts on “AZBN end of year accomplishments”

  1. The good part it is affecting care principles moving away from conventual treatments as it’s commonly now known our health care is awash like many other issues. Failure must have future input with students of knowledge. Your journal conveyed is top shelf gonzo style pelted with accuracy. Teach the children!! Thks!!


  2. Check out Twitter for FREEDOM OF SPEECH, and follow:
    Jodi OMalley MSN RN
    James O’Keefe.
    Just wonderful how AZBN bits the Dust.
    Love the exposure of corruption in AZ.

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    1. O’malley would have fried at the BON meeting ,( which she should have never been at in the first place ) Emma (dirty dog) Mamaluy advised BON members to give loc so they can show they did something, and not any more so the lawyers for the Veritas would not fight them in court cause the BON loses big time once they get outside of 1740 Adams , which houses the biased OAH kangaroo court , of whacked out judges and another dirty director.


      1. Project Veritas (PV) Received many many many documents from me, and my information showed what a corrupt pile of chicken Sh— Ridenour & Ridenour are, many more names went to PV as well.
        I love the spirit of O’Keefe & O’Malley.


      2. notice to all who took office they are looking at heads of state agencies and Joke Ridenour is a horrible dir . worse than DOC who just got sh*t canned, DPS who quit knowing his butt was out the door. Ridenour is depending on those who are lawyers to save her butt. She must really be impressed with willy wonker , but is a misguided fool to count on any of the rest of them she is doing now !


      3. Many posts to nurses O’Malley beat the AZ BON . the truth is that Emma Mumble knew she was over powered didn’t have the brains to fight the big boys . She knew when to drop out and give O’Malley the minimum that would save them face .


  3. The Corrupt AZ BON agency was able to put themselves in charge of 75 million dollar grant . (CHECK THEIR POCKETS < BANK ACCOUNTS< AND WHO THEY GIVE IT TO ) can't trust them !! Dirty Ridenour will do anything to keep the throne seats well warmed with her hot air ! Dairy AIR !!!


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