10,000 nurses NY Strike

while AZ nurses still think they can’t have a union because they are ‘at will’ gutless, stupid , weak, and a bunch of martyrs. IF they only knew they work in a state that has the worst BON in the entire nation !

More than 10,000 nurses at five New York City private sector hospitals are gearing up to strike on Monday, in what would be one of the biggest private sector nurse strikes in U.S. history. I’m one of the 99% of my colleagues who voted to authorize the strike, and I helped deliver our 10-day strike notice to Mount Sinai, where I work as a nurse in labor and delivery.

Striking is always a last resort. We’ve done everything we could to avoid a strike — and we will keep working toward a fair union contract. Nurses at three hospitals, NY-Presbyterian, Maimonides and Richmond University Medical Center in Staten Island have reached tentative agreements. But we are still fighting for settlements at our remaining facilities that protect patient care. Management has pushed us to the breaking point by refusing to listen to the alarms we’ve been sounding about chronic understaffing that puts our patients at risk.

7 thoughts on “10,000 nurses NY Strike”

  1. GO KARI LAKE GO!!!!!!!!!!

    “Kari Lake War Room
    🚨 Corruption 🚨

    Fraudulent ballots

    No chain of custody

    Inaccurate vote counts

    Certification under the threat of jail time



    Now an official getting a pay off & fleeing the state

    We’ve found so many smoking guns that we run the risk of smoke inhalation.”

    We know You Ridenour are part of the Criminal Enterprise in AZ.


  2. GO Abraham Hamadeh GO WE LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!
    “Crooked Katie Hobbs
    “Hamadeh said Hobbs knew about the missing votes eight days before she told him or the public. “If this is not grounds for a new trial, then nothing is,” he declared in the motion.”
    Abe Hamadeh and RNC File Motion for New Trial Based on Additional Evidence of Voter Disenfranchis…”

    Democracy dies in the dark, shine a light on corruption and people are free.


    1. Mamaluy the trouble maker liar will use these comments to gain Hobbs side . can’t keep doing that . Although opinions are like noses everyone has one, the politics has to be neutral , it is what it is , AZ has about 10 political sites. tic tok will keep it going too . AZ BON is corrupt more so than any other state , got to make those who are in power aware of what is going on, AZNA is a bunch of brain washed bimbos boot lickers and nnaa is still studying staffing . !(UH ) and only kw can speak for the group. that would never work for us !


  3. It looks like Katie Hobbs is hiding in the basement again, I guess she doesn’t feel like answering questions….hmmmm.

    “Abe Hamadeh@AbrahamHamadeh. 16h
    Good journalism by
    “If errors were known to the board we would have not likely canvassed” – Kevin Cavanaugh, Pinal County Supervisor
    Elections director in Arizona County got $25,000 bonus after reporting inaccurate results.”

    The Pinal County Election Director has skipped Town after 25,000 bonus and retiring…another hmmmmmm.

    Ridenour’s, P. Fine, McCormies, and so on, well basically those in the MEDICAL CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE.

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    1. McCORMIES is up to her special underwear in corruption , lying dirty bitch she is . that is CAROLYN MCCORMIES SAFFORD AZ , EASTERN COLLEGE , biased , unfair , and down right STUPID . Peter Fine (BANNER gave $250,000. to the inauguration ! Did Jokey cough up a donation . This is the only way AZ works , buy people off . As a nurse try taking a $5 tip .


  4. The old sow Ridenour knows how to suck up ….she nor her filthy old man are republican or democrat they are which ever way the wind blows. The CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE in AZ and all their pons like puss boy Ducey get what they want by sucking up to friends , since brain dead McCain, Clinton and Soros are in charge of AZ; Ridenour doing it real hard


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