No one is holding back on comments

so russell pierce died a known white supremacist , a mission creep for sure , he was the 1070 author . A cop for awhile had the same sick mind as another “joe” . A few places on the internet carried he died the comments were so honest and true is was quit surprising . Predicting when jokey is gone , the same comments , but don’t save it for her special day , let her know what you think of her as a director, and how she runs the agency , then as a nurse , and I guess….. as a human. The jury is still out on that one.

She sure knows how to get others to do dirty work, she got some lawyers lined up , at least she knows she doesn’t have the brains to handle anything . Always allowing others to run things at the office . Her boy ducey dolittle is gone so now she is looking for a connection to get Hobbs to her way of thinking . one of the dumbest moves was allowing emma mamaluy to handle ANYTHING .

wait until it gets out how mamaluy old boss and her hooked up , they can sure sway things. peeping tom was a rovering eye , adultery , his wife couldn’t trust him. How he got elected is a mystery Hoffman is a decent honest person, in Az gets you no where.

12 thoughts on “No one is holding back on comments”

      1. Be careful Emma Mamaluy will tell stupid cops and they are severely misdirected , but act , they do the wrong thing but they do act stupidly . Hey big girl EMMA come out and deliver your own messages gutless bitch that you are .


  1. Corrupt Katie told ELECTION OFFICIALS, “if you do not canvass me you will go to jail.”
    Corrupt Katie had all the election results send to her directly instead of going to AG & Courts first, which is not the legal process. Corrupt Katie CERTIFIED her own election which is a felony. Corrupt Katie is another Corrupt Kevin McCarthy: “if you do not Vote for me as house speaker you will be censured from your committee’s.” I say, Bravo to the 22 hold outs, McCarthy now knows what democracy is.
    AZBN, “if you do not sign this consent, suspension, or surrender then you will never WORK AS A NURSE AGAIN AND YOUR LICENSE WILL BE PERMANENT REVOKED.”
    Let me say that anyone who thinks CUNT KATIE will work, “You are Stupid.”


    1. They have the position , send them the information and when they don’t act you can let everyone know. Just like the Ombudsman office , “citizen aide ” or BON aide to ignore all complaints and do nothing. Now Danee Garone name is out there as a worthless office. Give them a chance, but do not address them as Kunt Katie , it will be tossed. Now you can call Ridenour anything that nut job is or has proven to be, seh deserves all of it. The comments after she is dead will be like Russell Pearce a lot of HATE , and telling the truth what a horrible person he was . RIH rest in hell moron!


      1. Everyone of the new people , formal letter . with cc to everyone ! . especially the media . And why no one can trust AZNA !, They are one brainwashed group ! initials but morons ! Like Mekoba Hill, stating ‘best practice ‘ . while she sits on the worst bon in the entire country !!!


  2. Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert are the REAL POWER HOLDERS AND SPEAKERS not McCarthy.

    HERE’s to the real American fighters,.


    1. There are those in power who are so blinded by hate, they can’t see straight. We pray for them, but will continue to fight against them, to give nurses a chance to have all the rights that criminal cases do . 💪🏽🕵🏻🥷🏽


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