Hey guys ran into retired nurse , she used to work Boswell, Del Webb, she described Kathy Malloch reputation was “being really really stupid”. That mgt liked her being on the BON . Banner uses the BON to do their legal fights . Just report a nurse to the BON and they will take over do a deep dive investigation , gather records, for years back, gather witness who will lie even co workers who are suck ups . She was known as quit the ‘joke’ of the hospital , and “she wrote a book ” when this employee was asked did you read the reviews , like 1 or 2 stars most wanted their money back .

Then there is Kathy Scott, who was power hungry , tried to shut up anyone with any ideas and let them know it would be short employment for these long term nurses . And ‘did not appear to have any mgt skills at all” . So I ask how in the haiti’s did these two get in charge of spending 25 million a year , to hospitals and nurses who do not live up to a prudent nurse ???? Don’t forget Peter Fine gave $250, 000 . to the swearing in ceremony. Can they be bought ? It’s all about the money . !


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