The hidden secret AZBN

Many are hearing the wicked stories of the AZ BON, but until it happens to a nurse they say no one will truly believe it.

AZBON telling nurses they must uphold the more trusted profession while they lie their heads off , answer to no one.

A case before the BON will crotch Campbell , ‘RUG ” BETH , you just know that the BON (CAROLYN MCCORMIES ) was told not to stop the 3 women from talking . They went on and on but did not know anything first hand just telling the BON what a great person the lying nurse was. Choked BS! the VA police wouldn’t even take a report ! McCormies runs her big mouth about FIVE MINUTES that includes atty and client but in the case 45 MINS !!! OF BS !! lies , HOLDING A HEARING AT THE BON , (McCORNEY lies about that too ) . “it s not a hearing ” then play fair BITCH, treat others like you like to be treated ,but MCCORNEY is a lying bitch. a Lowlife obedient to the corrupt lawyers. SHAME ON YOU , unfair , impartial, favoritism , you suck go back to your temple and tell everyone how great you are again. Stupid people can be impressed and believe every word out of your big yap ! NOT THOSE WHO KNOW YOU !!! and how you did dirty , real dirty . SHAMEFUL , and just as much shame to the dummies who go along with her nutty ways. Sold you soul long ago. You know exactly the roll you are to take your told to. CAROLYN MCCORMIES CANNOT DO THE RIGHT THING . and that protect the public hose pucky is long been worn out like your mouth . deep throat .

8 thoughts on “The hidden secret AZBN”

  1. “Citizens Medal today to 14 heroes who made exemplary contributions to our democracy before, during, and after the events of January 6, 2021.“
    Here are the three snatches from AZ:

    1. slime ball rusty bowers, who was accompanied by:

    2. Bill Gates (Chairman, @MaricopaCounty

    3. Jack Sellers who is Supervisor and past Chair of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors & former Chandler Vice Mayo.

    Let’s make sure to mention The AZ DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE MAN MARK KILLIAN. All four of these men are Mormon and do not like Kari Lake, Abraham Hamadeh, nor Kelli Ward. Why b/c Lake, Hamadeh, and Ward are a THREAT to the Mormon establishment in AZ and their corruption.
    These 4 males have some twisted fucking beliefs and hate a women like Ward and Lake who won’t put up with their crap.
    Go to Twitter and check them out.
    Hobbs just bends over and eats it up, she was a Social Worker remember they need no math.
    Rusty Bowers reminds me of a PEDOPHILE


    1. Women who speak up , will pay the price , especially if the mormon males are involved . Women are second class citizens for sure . Ever hear of a dunking tank for men . Known for ‘breeding ‘ is all their good for . When they figure it out they have a couple of kids , and if they rock the board they will be shunned by ALL of them !


  2. “Terrified of comments, this lying traitor Rusty Bowers shut off comments almost immediately. Everyone knows he’s a corrupt establishment hack“

    It’s all over AZ that Bowers is BOWELS .

    I repeat Mother Focker Bowers looks like a PEDOPHILE TO ME.


    1. The entire organization derived from masons , appear to be organized dirty old men who want to dinkle little girls . Pour children raised in this and brain washed. BOYER, MCCORMIES , still haven’t figured it out


    2. Hobbs will sign an EO to force kids, teachers, etc in public/charter schools to call each other by the pronoun of their choosing. I Now if she catered to the cult she would make them go to conversion therapy , where these sick sick cult members force them not to be homosexuals. Punish them until they state they are not gay . It is like forced counseling ordered by ones like McCORNEY , creep on the BON, who think counseling is a good idea for every one , and necessary to do nursing ? (YES Carolyn creepy cult carrying card member is WEIRD ! ) first you must be obedient not have a thought of your own, tell the counselors you need them , and yes the bon is right that forced counseling is the only thing that will say you. That you must learn to be silenced be obedient , leave all the decisions to the males , and what EVER they dream up go with it . The mormon cult has really shown their true colors at the BON , made A LOT of people look at what they are really all about . And finding out they are the most wicked selfish brainwashed weirdo’s on the face of the planet. ! (putting a black on the bon did not alter anyone’s thinking of how corrupt this bon is !)


    3. worked mesa/ gilbert last year and I can see what you are talking about . So weird and different than the rest of the US . It is like they are programmed robots , with someone moving their lips. no matter what happen they ‘d don’t rock the boat . Like they are feed from the same trough .


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