One of many AZBON Dirty tricks

A Student graduates , 2015 applies for license . Back ground check is done . RN writes “no” to every been arrested in jail or prison or committed a crime. That’s odd the back ground shows she was in prison for 3 years in Ohio. 2 degree robbery felony. And 2014 DUI . gave false statement to the board. a psych eval ordered by the dirtiest doc in the business and does his damage with a pen . Phillip Lett< whore of the court , expert liar> writes she can function safely but needs counseling or TWO MONTHS. Wow he’ s getting weirder . But he knows the BON won’t do that (2 months) so he makes it look like he’s being nice (sociopathic as he is). 2 mo. And then a revaluation . Why not? the RN pays for it. Then Rn goes to who another psych who says she has trauma . counseling and do a reevaluation , then comes in the biggest disappointment to the pysch profession Cindy Rollins , who says she needs psych therapy for coping skills (coping with the odd BON ! ) life stressors . So Rn gets a license and must apply for jobs part of the probation , (the bon knows no one hires people on probation; and blames it on the RN for not “trying hard enough”. ) the RN applies at an urgent care and writes NO convictions again while on probation ! Then applies at a Sr facility and writes NO convictions again ! Having a hard time getting work she writes a letter of reference for herself , signing someone else’s name, from someone else but she writes it . The fake author was unaware.

Another psych eval the counselor states she lacks candor and honesty and would not be comfortable with her working as an RN . (She falsified a R E license application as well ) .

Then RN has a relapse , and is ordered ethics and boundaries evaluations . At the BON meeting she is denied a license . Then goes for another psych evaluation and this one states she is ethical and honest ! Then back to the BON and she is given another consent agreement . From revoked to back working less than 4 months. Does this seem like one of the “tricks’ from the bag of ‘tricks”?

McCormies should never be on a BON or any where , judging others . She knows this is NOT at all the way things go for others . This was special treatment. McCormies is a liar , deceiving , and allows the back room talk drive her motions . Nothing but diarrhea comes out of her mouth when she spouts of protect the public . lying bitch .

One thought on “One of many AZBON Dirty tricks”

  1. I’ll try to hold the foul language, and yes it’s tough not to let these filthy predators know exactly how I feel by using language that suits their character.

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