NY Nurses Strike they prevailed !!

While Arizona nurses sit around complaining about be fired, cancelled , staffing numbers , all as gutless as the day it long ! The AZNA leads they way with duct tape on their mouths, except to bash another nurse who speaks up . AZNA are traitors to the profession but will run their mouths about ‘most trusted profession” it is the nurses that can’t trust them !!!

No organized group of people are doing ANYTHING in AZ but running their mouths , “professional” ” proceed slowly” ” best practice ” . All hot air dummies blowing smoke !

BREAKING: NYC nurses strike to end this morning in historic victory as tentative deals were reached with both

Nurses won concrete enforceable safe staffing ratios in both deals and will be back on the job. KUDOS !!! HAPPY DANCE .

(Travelers , do not think “the weather ” is worth it . Backwards AZ . And will not move forward until JOKE RIDENOUR is kicked off her thrown ! Political dirty director in pour standing !

5 thoughts on “NY Nurses Strike they prevailed !!”

  1. The fauci files on Twitter, the fbi files on Twitter, the lying brain dead pedophile Biden files on Twitter, and yes the slime ball Ridenour files are on Twitter too. You can’t make this Shit up man!
    73 USB drives mailed out and delivered to other States Boards…all about you slimy ridiculous Ridenour. Ole Willy and his sister in Tucson and their fake businesses, the 3 million dollar property in northern AZ, what a bunch of propaganda you are but exposure is what it takes.
    Oh and let’s not forget about the faggot v. Smith, I included you too you anti-American fag since your on the move again.

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  2. Oh…..I forgot to add. There are 48 contiguous states and 2 non-contiguous states, plus the islands but that still does not equate to 73 USB Drives, hmmmmmmmmm.
    Ridiculous Ridenour have you ever heard of the treasury department, they are the IRS, that be the U. S. Treasury Department not the screwball AZ IRS. I am just returning the favor.

    Oh, and cow sized Emma mamalay you c*nt, you using others to try and Phuk with my family scored you a loss, and that bitch ended up paying a total of 30 thousand dollars in lawyer fees to both sides not to mention the audits from the U. S. Treasury Office of Inspector General, and the explanation over her shady property deals. LOL LOL LOL.

    our hope is that you live forever so that you can sit in shame , everyone knows what you did and have been getting away with , that will end ! you and you partner in crime .


    1. At present, healthcare regulatory boards tend to be dangerously unfair.
      In fact, there is a fundamental unfairness in most of the functions of most of the healthcare regulatory boards in most of the states across the nation. The cost of this unfairness is high. It negatively affects patients, providers, and healthcare generally.


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