SELINA BLISS ,predicted as usual!

introducing bills , not ONE TO REIGN IN ONE THE CORRUPT BON!

HB2042 extended by 2 yrs and expire 1/1/27 (uh this is 2023 Selina ! ) DUH !

HB2043 PA NO supervision, you and the hospitals want to put Drs right out of business , they need over sight just like the corrupt BON does !!! (dumb bill)

HB2045 bon certified school nurses but adds that CHARTERS DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE CERTIFIED SCHOOL NURSES . If this isn’t a political statement here! So children in charters are not as important , NO EXCEPTIONS to their mormon run parochial schools !

HB 2053 , new mothers home care visits VOLUNTEER program ! DCS, as if anyone with drugs in the house will sign up for this ! waste of money ! waste of time,

give Bliss a chance and she did what we suspected all along . She did nothing as a AZNA pres. now she’s doing every thing bass ackwards. and NOTHING FOR DIRECT PATIENT CARE NURSES , OR law to level the playing field. The AZ BON PUPPET ,selina bliss !

5 thoughts on “SELINA BLISS ,predicted as usual!”

  1. All this Volunteer CRAP was a program made up years ago by scums when the TERRORIST obama was in office. They legalized it to make Americans work for free so they could give OUR jobs to the Illegals for less wages.
    “Ohhhhhhhh….damn that be a racist comment, ohhhhhh shucks.”
    I could not get a job as a nurse after I went on probation so I had to volunteer hours as a pest control person for a week to see if I fit in. I needed work so bad I was will to do anything to work so I could pay my bills. A c-nt woman own business screwed me over, the b:tch used me for a week then told me I did not fit in. OMG LOL MF’er to Funny.
    Mark killian, & Rusty Bowers the sewage hole and their hatred for women have ALIGNED their selfs with the UNIPARTY of AZ. Mark Killian uses illegals to harvest his crops, and other forms of work instead of Americans. Killian’s comments are, “these are good (referring to illegals) people they work HARD, I hire them because the WHITES WANT WORK”, all along knowing Killian pays illegals under the table an used them too. I worked as a housekeeper, I did yard work and so on in order to pay my Fuk’in bills because YOU RIDENOUR & HURTADO the illegal was putting out lies on me by using the internet. Do the cult uniparty boy Killian is wrong about WHITES NOT WORKING.
    This Volunteer Sh:t is so nurses on PROBATION can try to work off their hour for free, WHITE SLAVE LABOR IN THE RACIST STATE OF AZ.


    1. So many experienced nurses destroyed for really no reason , and patients (the public) suffers . JOKE RIDENOUR keeps running her speech impaired talk about ‘protecting the public ” All lies by JOKEY the biggest liar of the bon. Along with the former aag misfit mamaluy . DUCEY did NOTHING , NOTHING . a real sleeze bag , JOKEY loved that BOY!


      1. Yeah, their a hoe in Prescott who is using other nurses and giving their information to ridiculous Ridenour.


      2. Bliss did nothing for nurses while pres of AZNA (az nazi nurse association) . Who are cohorts with the BON. (SELINA practically sat on jokey’s lap at the big meeting a couple years ago , only a sick person would think rubbing butts with J R has any kind of clout at all !!! IN fact it makes Bliss look like a real suck up .!!


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