Oh yes the ‘good ‘ mormon , he shot his wife and kids and MIL to death . Of course UTAH . Here is part of what they wrote. !

Obituary for the Utah man who fatally shot his five children, mother-in-law and estranged wife: “Michael made it a point to spend quality time with each and every one of his children. Michael enjoyed making memories with the family.”

The comments about what a great insurance salesman he was ! How great he was and nothing about the children he slayed to death .

Nothing says cult like idolizing the man who massacred his entire family. !!

And folks this is who is on your BON ! (they slipped in a black when accused of being racist , a token , ) And hired a few queers. The TRUTH IS IN HOW THEY ACT ! , Their minds are just not right , sick and twisted !


  1. Herschel Walker Said it the best, “if they CLAIM to help the under privileged, blacks, or any other impoverished group then they are using you.”
    Skank Mcornies lives by a pecking order:

    1. Are you a Mormon or convert?
    -converts are not considered BORN INTO THE MORMON CHURCH and are considered lower on the peaking order. McCormies is not this correct?

    2. Do you have a calling?
    -if you have a calling then you have a Temple recommend, most often.

    3. What is your calling?
    -certain callings go to only Born Member’s.

    If you are a faithful member of Christ God knows it.

    Stop your lip service, and act.
    Sleazy Ridiculous Ridenour who knows she must bow down to the born mafia, amp; regurgitate, “I love blackies, queer balls like Val & her pornography lovin ways, I like to use them….oops, I meant have them around me since my scab faced drunk William is claiming to do civil rights. All along hatred for her own self is astronomical for having to eat mcCormies Sh:t.

    False Acts of sympathy as they boast about their fake act. Rave on dirt bags , fake lives on

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