This so called BON ‘investigator” cannot write a report , did not respond to a applicant . Why is it that nurses must drop everything and focus on what the BD wants but an employee who is dysfunctional ignores requests loses documents, and is still there !

Melissa Foos , won a law suit against the AZ BON and rightly so ! Defendants CAROLYN MCCORMIES, who can’t LISTEN when someone is before the bd ! Pheanis Preston, the nasty NP , Kathyrn Busby not her first rodeo being a defendant , Melanie Logue who got off the BON as soon as she saw the light, Lori Gutierrez , the dumb ditzy blonde , who is “on something !” . Randy “moron ” Quinn the complete ass hole of the century . And where was miss IMCOMPETENT Mumble mamaluy who should know better . Melissa submitted documents over and over , and Bonnie the nasty ole bitch who can wrinkle up her big nose and send ‘signals ” while gossiping with others . Incompetent , why wasn’t she fired ??? Oh and 2nd in command of incompetence JOKEY RIDENOUR who signed the paper KNOWING IT TO BE FALSE, but doesn’t care, they have so much money of the taxpayers to blow on law suits , they will wear someone out , stay in the fight , they will all fade away .


  1. ARIZONA BOARD OF NURSING FOUND GUILTY OF posting FALSE information on the www. FALSE REPORTING and DEFENDANTS KNEW IT ! 2nd posting FALSE , MISLEADING , “NEITHER TRUE NOR WHAT OCCURRED” . A statement that plaintiff was lying , admitted to lying , and general dishonest behavior. Posting events over a decade old. Placed her in the WORST POSSIBLE LIGHT before the public. FALSE STATEMENTS, UNTRUE, DEFAMATORY , AZBON committed FRAUD . Engaged in DECEIT . Refused to address issues when notified. ! Does this sound like a BON you want in charge of YOUR LICENSE !!!??? all dirty players .

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    1. Anyone who has fallen victim to this out of control LYING bon , and their employees at the nursing agency know that they lie constantly !! Lie , lose, papers, just like to mess with people , like prison guards mentality UNPROFESSIONALS . Bonnie is a ‘player ‘ ! dirt bag too


    2. And to think 75 million was given to this advisory board , with LYING CAROLYN MCCORMIES on there and DIRTY DIR JOKEY RIDENOUR . surely the rest are all FRIENDS! and money taken from ACCESS (pour peoples money for Dr’s visits and insurance for children , shifted to this shiftless gang . WHO picked these people ???? A LOT OF QUESTIONS .


    3. the state of nursing and bd’s influence on the general public pts. is well known to be bad. The monster size of the azbn with its ancillary support structures supports bd’s continued unnecessary functions whose capital $ comes from nurses and public taxes. Richter and the social work is queer. Their social influence is based upon bd desires and its mission which often drifts into crime. Perjury is their spine. Somebody needs to let the lions out.


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