She knows fully well that this person was denied license in March 2020 but was given a consent agreement by 7/ 20 . Fully reversed the decision . Shanodoah Korn . look it up . Shady deal , two sleazy attys , working a deal and acting like this is business as usual . BUT one thing we do know is this was discussed with the lying dirty cult member mormon Pres BON Carolyn MCCormies . She knows very well this is not at all how things go , no one gets denied then have a license by < 4 months later . THIS IS SHADY DEALS BY THE BON !> how many other board members knew what was really the underlying whispers and no one will notice. (this was the case posted about the felony past and 3 yrs in prison.

Talk about INCONSISTENT LYING MOUTH CAROLYN MCCORMIES !!! and now that sleeze bag dishonest bitch is on the panel for 75 million . AZ BON IS DIRTY !!

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