They are way too brain washed. What does this have to do with the AZ BON, look around folks ! Presidents of the BON all mormons for decades . Kathy Scott , Banner , Quinn, the moron , McCormies , and get their church friends to join them Elizabeth Boyer , no qualifications at all , except holding a license . Fountain is a real MESS . Midwestern should fire her biased mind right out the door ! . She didn’t slip away from Randy Quinn’s gang soon enough , he had to have his shoe in ,so if anyone in his gang gets BON complaint they will ‘cya ” . a RACKET .

Not only a BON full of them , in and out through out the years. (Tammy Gresball) but they have ruined their own members lives who ‘saw the light” who were opened minded and said , this is horse pucky ! I’m out of here !

Here is a real ‘testimony ” Boyer !

“”” I honestly don’t think I could love my dog even more after today.

So I stepped onto a church parking lot for the first time in several years today. And not for any of the reasons you may be thinking. I was walking my dog, and remembered a path that was nearby so that we didn’t have to go near the roads. I walked by the church building, tempted to blow my stacks at the top of my lungs about how the church destroyed my family and ruined my life when my dog just pees on the building for a good ten seconds or so.

Needless to say: he got two chicken jerkies after we got home.”””

THEY EVEN RUIN THE LIVES OF THEIR OWN MEMBERS ! Never should one of these brain washed lying dirt bags be in any area to judge anyone ! (The AZBON sure brought the cult to headlines by their actions that do not belong in a taxpayers funded organization , by a tax free cult parading as a ‘religion” )


  1. Ridenour you ole sly C*NT.

    Here’s why The C*nt Ridenour and incompetent EMMA DO AS THEY PLEASE:

    “The Court only has jurisdiction over claims against Arizona’s state employees -including members of the Board -for employment conduct if (1) Arizona has expressly waived its Eleventh Amendment sovereign immunity from, or otherwise consented to, suit, or (2)
    Congress has enacted a statute that explicitly abrogates the state’s sovereign immunity. See Broughton Lumber Co. v. Columbia R. Gorge Comm’n,
    975 F.2d 616, 619 (9th Cir. 1992). Congress has not abrogated Arizona’s sovereign immunity from state common law claims, and Arizona has a statute that specifically and expressly retains absolute immunity from all suits for actions taken by its employees in regulating a profession. See A.R.S. $ 12-820.01. As a result, Plaintiff has not -and cannot-raise Arizona common law claims against Defendants.”

    2005 Arizona Revised Statutes – Revised Statutes §12-820.01
    Absolute immunity from:
    A. A public entity shall not be liable for acts and omissions of its employees constituting either of the following:

    1. The exercise of a judicial or legislative function.

    2. The exercise of an administrative function involving the determination of fundamental governmental policy.

    B. The determination of a fundamental governmental policy involves the exercise of discretion and shall include, but is not limited to:

    1. A determination of whether to seek or whether to provide the resources necessary for any of the following:

    (a) The purchase of equipment.

    (b) The construction or maintenance of facilities.

    (c) The hiring of personnel.

    (d) The provision of governmental services.

    2. A determination of whether and how to spend existing resources, including those allocated for equipment, facilities and personnel.

    3. The licensing and regulation of any profession or occupation.

    4. The establishment, implementation and enforcement of minimum safety standards for light rail transit systems.


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    1. A lot of the things the BON does , which are illegal . unethical , and down right dirty tricks , they get away with because no one calls them out . It is McCormies who knows what they are doing with certain cases but ‘goes along ‘ with it , who will fry because she in on the BON , this is where Joke Ridenour and Mamaluy exit left, leave her and her stupid cop husband with no retirement funds. unraveling .


    2. This is why bills need to be introduced , but org such as nnaa are still doing research on staffing ratios , pretending to be doing something. Just LIKE the AZNA . great pretenders ! cohorts in crime with BON. new people , to introduce bills , the BON does it all the time every year against nurses , and the wimpy nurses in AZ just keep letting it happen .


    3. Hey friends hanging in NY Schenectady , going to see BOOK OF MORMON, and connecting with others who got the pock out of the cult . Remember when the male supra McCormies was so angry that anyone would want to mock the mormons ? No wonder that the off spring is so messed up in the head !! Instead of cramming the bom onto her pea brain , he should have taught her some manners ! coughing , clearing the cum out of her throat into the mic is one . And then she is so stupid she thinks it is her ‘voice’ and ‘can’t help it’ . Yes SR should have taught your children MANNERS not MORMON .


  2. NNAA, and scummy Woehead was yelling and crying that she was getting out of nursing to never return as she called real nurses to get information on how we know what we know about Ridiculous Ridenour and her thugs. Woehead equals “Drug Hoe”.
    NNAA and their scummy lying leader Drug Hoe is known to very Prominent People across the nation Now for what she is: drug hoe and cut throat.


    1. She cozy up to one who runs a blog , who feeds her info, not as a snitch he believes but just can’ t keep his mouth shut . NNAA all about changing the bon, but is ‘studying’ staffing ratios . WASTE OF TIME , it’s been done over and over proven , and those who are screwed by the BON are not worried about staffing ratios !


    2. why they can’t just introduce bills that reign in the bon , and not worry about others . Their are plenty who are listed on bon site , or going to the slaughter house , hang em high at oah sham court (in the same building with stinky Ridenour .
      Attacking one who’s mission is to change the way the board regulates, is like ‘working FOR the board’ . hmmmm
      Wish em good luck , but some want to speak for themselves. and don’t need a mouth piece . That lowers you to Ridenour , who can’t function with out corrupt lying lawyers crawling around her.


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