Never ever never ! The AZ BON cannot handle anyone who is honest ! They just cannot , they love the downright disgusting dirty players like Carolyn MCMORMIES , the more they lie and go along with corruption the more they love them !! Never ever want them to leave keep them at the BON forever .

SELF REPORT , won’t help! If you think , hey my agency should have a program to help me….I will contact the BON and see . BIG MISTAKE !!!!!!

Self Report : THEY GOT YOU !!! What better evidence ! They don’t have to prove their case, you admitted a problem , and they will still order you to have a psych evaluation to cement the deal. Should you lawyer up , and try to down play it.

SELF REPORT is like going into a police station and confessing to anything. Are they going to go easy on you NO!!! Honesty it not a part of their game plan ! The corrupt AZ Bd of Nursing , doesn’t even have to ask you anything , they have all they need by you reporting yourself.

This dirty board , will jump all over that . Why should someone be punished for self reporting . Especially if you state the true what happened so the patient can be helped if you make a medication error .

Self reported you are hooked on a medication and need help getting off. The HELP they offer will ruin you for life . This dirty board cannot accept honesty ! They are FAKES , FALSEHOODS , do not trust them .

Biggest mistake, is self reporting ! first mistake was getting a nursing license in Arizona !

7 thoughts on “NEVER SELF REPORT TO AZBON !!!!!”

  1. the witness against Radonda Vaught from bd…”nurse felt that being honest should give her some liency.” They rolled over nurses for errors but defined zero of how the error occurred. New modern day nurse basics ‘never tell the truth’.


    1. Being a liar makes the nurses more like the self proclaimed ‘leadership ‘ of the BON , Dir, Chief Bull , nursing profs, mgt in hospitals . You cannot be honest , have any integrity , or self report anything. You have to be like the lying corrupt board members or you will get the max . The bigger the liar and deceiving you are the better off you will be as far as saving your license , keeping your job until the heat wears off .


    2. The so called ‘expert ” nurse is as whacked out of her mind as Jokey Ridenour. Been a nurse for 47 years, NO you paid for a license for 47 years. How does this so called ‘expert’ nurse know what Radonda was thinking ? Her name was DONNA JONES . a legal nurse consultant. Too bad that a real nurse didn’t jump down her throat. What kind of “nurse ‘ sits there and destroys another nurse in public ? Anyone of them at the BON , Janeen Dahn would do it Cindy Mand , Carolyn McCormies, Elizabeth Boyer , Cindy George , Just name one at the BON and they would be more than willing to destroy and hard working nurse (because they have no clue how hard they really work , NO CLUE ) add VALERIE ‘nasty’ SMITh who retired to Tucson, a real large turd of the BON. Retired like Charles Ryan , sleeps with one eye open !


    3. you can listen to bon meeting , if your stomach is up to mccormies the FAKE one , put on .corrupt bd pres , a real MADAME .


      1. some ignorant a hole is coughing into the mic at the board meeting , what an INCONSIDERANT UNPROFESSIONAL WHO CAN”T GET OFF THEIR BUTT AND EXCUSE THEMSELVES FROM HACKING . Another one who had oral sex last nite and coughing up cum . SHULTZ !


      2. mamaluy is giving legal advise but denies it over and over. SEVERE HINTING , she needs to take a HIKE ! she ‘s also LYING and dwelling on the worst for the nurse.
        THE BON GOT CAUGHT with this case and now trying to cover it up . TOO LATE LIAR MAMALUY !!!


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