AZ BON has the worst BON in the country !

Take board member Lisa Smith, and calls herself Dr like she is an educated person. But then after all this time on the BON she cannot make a motion. She even says “i m just reading what is on the paper” . why are BON members letting those who put the options on paper letting them make the decisions/??? NO mind of her own , like the rest. Then she screwed up and said “let someone else do the motion” . OH REALLY ??? because you are not living up to a brand new bd member . Your not progressing Smith , get off the BON and quit ruining lives ! Your stupid , you are struggling . Asking a nurse what happened with the phy therapy board ??? NONE of your business ! weird questions !!! Weird statements , the bon members just are NOT PROFESSIONALS none of them ! Go with Jokey to the has been never was . take up knitting . volunteer to clean toilets at the temples !

2 thoughts on “AZ BON has the worst BON in the country !”

  1. Angela Fountain is alike a parrot, what ever stupid Carolyn McCormies says she repeats it peat and repeat. C M makes motion angela (moron) fountain seconds it before the words spew out of her oral orifice . Never did anyone ever think someone on a BON would be so stupid and obedient .


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