Boyer ‘s biased husband Paul Boyer is off the senate THANK YOU !!! So many stupid bills and comments. He was bff with ducey and appointed the wifey to the BON. SAD for nurses who are so much smarter , more experience , and just really hasn’t a CLUE .

Why does she inflict in her voice to sound like a little old lady. A real PUT ON talk , just annoying, none of them are real . put on’s .

Inappropriate laughter , nothing about a BON meeting is FUNNY NOTHING is FUNNY. very inappropriate.

IT looks like McCormies is trying to do On the Job Training for stupid “BETH BOYER ” to move to president. Now not sure , but it gives the appearance of slipping out the back door. CAROLYN MCCORMIES , is not the smartest bulb in the pack. She knows to go along with the crooked atty on staff and she knows that they are protecting certain atty’s .

BE interesting if the new gov will keep dip sh*t on the BON. NONE of them are smart enough to be deciding other nurses fates ! NONE OF THEM . Margie Shultz doesn’t have the brains not to stay home when barking her cough all over everyone, and into the mic , another DUMB BLONDE on the BON. Let’s hope JOKEY GETS what ever crud she is coughing around !!

AMAZING how these types thing of being obedient as virtuous rather then cowardly .

5 thoughts on “ELIZABETH BOYER”

  1. Paul Boyer….is part of the Uniparty of AZ, and yes Ducey sucked up to him.
    Other Uni-party scum are Slimy Jeff Flake, Cindy McCain, Mitt Romney, Paul D. Petersen, Mark Killian Bill trashy Gates, & stink a$$ Stephen richer.
    Skanks and slime, & anti-Christ all of them.

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    1. listening to bd meeting , so corrupt ! Bethy Boyer making her voice like a little old lady being the fake she is. McCormies must have had a real mouthful last nite keep coughing up her cud or cum, but wait she stayed at her son’s HMMMMMMMMMM


      1. Any grown woman that can’t talk in an adult voice has mental issues, like Sunita & Cindy Mand.
        Probably into hard core porn.

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      2. Porn is rampant with this group , underage girls, and swapping wives club , swingers r them. Although most women who have been with real men , then try out a mormon male , just eat a bag of peanuts bored out of their minds.


      3. McCORMIES PURSLEY , needs a psych eval “at no cost to the board, but a licensed psych who is board approved ” (and stupid Boyer actually THINKS it is to gather more information !!!!) IT is a TRAP !! Dummy. You know the atty’s know the real dirty psych’s and send their clients there . Like Phillip Lett (a sociopathic mess) .


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