EMMA MAMALUY got caught making deals with other dirty lawyers

If this shank think that she is going to get away with saying , the license is gone now < UH DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT THAT EXCUSE. Your a crooked unethical and discussions with atty’s and how you can ‘get the bon to do what you want’ IS NOT GOING TO FLY !! Closing in on you . McCORMIES is a crook, parading around as little bo peep in her get up dress to go to Temple look .

2 thoughts on “EMMA MAMALUY got caught making deals with other dirty lawyers”

  1. Mamaluy has been holding secret meetings with lawyers GOLDBERG is one of them, SARA STARK is another . Making deals and decisions then telling the stupid BON members what THEY worked out . They tried with with the KORN case , got caught and called her back in . If anyone asks MAMALIAR will just tell them she got revoked. NOT she got revoked TWICE , gave her many chances. McCormies pretended she didn’t know what happened with this case at the BON , playing like she had no idea when SHE is the main dishonest how down there!


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