Board members just think if they say something it is true ???

Hey Boyer , and McCormies, saying “we don’t want to expose your personal affairs” and “we are considerate of your privacy” NOTHING can be further from the truth !! LIARS !

Everyone is finding out about the out of control board, who are nothing but liars !!!

I have stacks and stacks of files in my office with Accusations from the California BRN which include horribly damning language against the nurse, much of which, according to the nurse, is stretched, fabricated, embellished or just downright wrong. These accusations are not sent to me by the client. They don’t have to be subpoenaed. They aren’t sent to our lawyers because we are the named counsel of record, no. They are public record easily accessible on the BRN’s website for everyone including my grandma and 11 year old son to read. Keep in mind, at this stage they are still only ACCUSATIONS. Nothing has been proven, but regardless, the accusation with its condemning statements is there for all to see. What about being innocent until proven guilty? Is this a fair process? Or is this abuse?”

6 thoughts on “Board members just think if they say something it is true ???”

  1. Unajudicated docs are commonly used, @ least by azbon. Which is say a police report of a domestic case that was not heard and signed by Judge. Very common anti trust violation by Ridenour. When it goes to affidavit on ncsbn, across state lines it becomes federal and Ridenour has her name on some real odd stuff. Sometimes court clerks , maybe even Campbell would scan a document and post it whilst the outer border of scanned doc remains visible on the edge of the posted doc. Invasion of a unique set of criminals whom are the sub culture that can only be changed by new untainted blood. Intentional doc alterations of docs with known erroneously created evidence in any court is a felony , and a serious one. AZBN is morally bankrupt.

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  2. #DOJ AZBON has no business crossing state lines , jurisdiction , is not nationwide. McCormies has not learned this . The reason they ‘get away ‘ with it, is because no one calls them on it. And nurse traitors on AZNA are NO HELP. In fact they work against real nurses. More violations than this one .


  3. Well Ridiculous Ridenour sent some documents to another state and they let her know she VIOLATED THE STATE STATUSES, they even sent me copies of what she sent.
    You Ridenour are a CRIMINAL, When the righteous AZ ATTORNEY GENERAL Abraham Hamadeh takes office Ridiculous Ridenour will leave her post, Abraham is honest unlike you Doug Ducey & you Ridenour.

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    1. JOKEY RIDENOUR only does what her stupid attorney tells her to do . Was at BON meeting , when Charlie Hoover , made a comment and Ridenour said “do you agree with what he just said Emma ?” OMG , like she can trust that con artist !! JOKEY is sure putting a lot on the line having even a little trust in loser Mamaluy , the cheese head .


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