To the rest of the nation , what goes on in AZ is unheard of . between utah Idaho and Az , there is a number of MORMONS who populate the government jobs, positions of protecting their own who are obedient to the cult , look around you will see who they are . When the females are raised to go into ‘female ‘ type jobs, they tend to be a large number , they get on the BON, and are extremely prejudice. Since they have been called on it they have a coupld of people who are not a part of the cult , but still they keep a pres in who has to have her way. It is sickening how this group makes decisions , cannot separate their brain washed thinking into common sense . As one ex mormon states it :

When I was Mormon I was taught that a wife and mother was my most important, most high calling. If I HAD to go to college, get a degree that would support my family if anything happened to Spouseman. Teaching. Nursing. Acceptable female careers. My wants and needs didn’t matter,

Notice that Carolyn McCormies buys this bs hook line and sinker, her greatest accomplishment is ‘being married’ . Sad, and sad for the pour nurses who wonder whats up , why are they so strange acting . They are brain washed they cannot think rationally . dui , OMG , they hate drinkers , even coffee. Swearing, they say gosh darn it . “act like a lady, but your my whore ” . It ‘is confusing. AZ is the worst BON in the nation, hope this clears up why these nasty wicked women do what they do . (they treat their own just as bad if they sway from the cult too)

2 thoughts on “AZ SUCKS FOR NURSES”

    1. AZ sucks for sure , something unique is that cult running the gov there. Here is another case of INCONSISTENT punishment : “”That “Karen” prides herself on her abuse. Not to mention the director is no different. I’ve witnessed 3 of my friends plus myself go thru their Bull $h*+. But they do nothing to a nurse who is taken to jail for a second DUI while passing a school bus with children crossing the road. The nurse was driving on a expired license had controlled pills that were not hers and 4 vials of Morphine. She had her minor child in the car while under the influence. She was reported by several ppl to the BON along with her mug shot. Nothing happened. And then all the court records in Tulsa county disappeared. This nurse was a supervisor and is now a director acting CNO. And exactly how is that possible??? We all know the answer!!!


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