Came out during discussion , that LOCNIKAR husband, or former is on the list as ADDICTIONOLOGIST for the BON.

look up his history , he certainly is experienced drug user . Plastic surgeon, doing cocaine before procedures totaled car heading dntn to get more heroin. just for starters. He has a license and NO DRUG SCREENS ORDERED . Don’t think that KYRA isn’t getting some of that money ,doing dirty work , being harsh on nurses, and going along with what the BON , back door deals, wants !! She has a license in nothing. professional (unprofessional board member, like a dirty lobby member ) . No one lives with a drug addict that does not use and try their stash . SHAMEFUL BOARD. Oh and Lett the psychopathic evaluator , wife worked at the BON too. So many connections , they can’t let an outsider in , too risky.

2 thoughts on “KYRA LOCNIKAR”

  1. Excellent Information… and yes P. Lett’s wife (P. Randolph) worked at the board of AZ Nursing and because she over saw the education area c*nt Ridenour tried to say it was not a conflict of interest to send nurses to the husband of one of HER STAFF MEMBERS for psychological evaluation.
    The racist illegal Hurtado stuck by the story too or she knew her racist boss Ridenour would have her deported.
    Randolph is blonde, it makes me wonder where her lost pencil’s are…..hmmmmm.
    And Yes Hurtado you are and illegal and a Racist just like your fascist racist boss ridiculous Ridenour.


    1. look up Steven Locnikar , Mickey Nave , Ducey at trumps swearing in with Locnikar , request past history with medical board on Steen . Then look at Lumenis Marketing who claim to ‘take over the internet ” . Another one of dumb ducey’s stacking of corruption ! While a ‘normal ” and not bought and paid bon member being public member like an unbiased jury type would be in ways better than the corrupt nurses on the bon, Locnikar is a pay back to the state, for saving the druggie spouse from prison . He has quit a history. Look up MED X out patient medical addition , detox and see who owns it and who is the ‘dirty doc’ , who work with NO DRUG SCREENS zero probation . That P V / Scottsdale crowd sure like their cocaine high’s . and AZ BON protects them .


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