“protect the public ” BULLSHIT OUT OF AZ BON MEMBERS , HOURLY .

Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, said, “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe
it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.” Vladimir Lenin, the Russian
communist revolutionary, said, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth”.

This is what the BON members are instructed to say , over and over, this is the cop out, to make them look like they are upholding some kind of rule/law that is written in cement. This is their excuse for doing the extra punitive that other boards do not do . It is almost as bad as stupid Elizabeth Boyer, constant, “we don’t want you to incur any big expense but the bon’s being is to protect the public , and a psych eval will “give us ‘ more information”.

What she is really saying , is ‘we have to do this, and your going to pay for what I order you to do, and it certain is MORE INFORMATION , because we have a list of docs, (that you can only go to one of them) , and not only will you be paying for an evaluation, but you are giving us more dirt to screw you over should you take this to court . By us ordering a psych eval, we have our asses covered , the psych will give us what we want, and if not we will call the dirty doc and pester them until they do , it they don’t then they are OFf our list . everyone loves money and has a price.

So I will make a motion for you to have a psych eval , I can always count on one board member to 2nd that motion <they are so stupid , they are starting to think this is all normal ! > , and you will do it or we will tell everyone that you are unable to be regulated, revoke your license, and you will not be able to work as a nurse ever again. Do I really care if you can’t afford it ? ? OH hell NO! . To protect myself and my sister wives club of board members, you will do as I order you to do . IT’ s like an insurance policy . IF you don’t do it your fked , if you do it your fked. I know that so the truth is I am trying to fk you over and you will never even think I am not empathetic to you. You won’t even get it when mccormies says “we really want you to be successful ” . Who doesn’t trust the BON, after all we are here to ‘protect the public’ Oh and Emma Mamaluy says , ‘best if you can state that about 20-50 times during the board meeting, nurses are so dumb they are even signing those consent agreements , so keep up the ‘protect the public’ we need each of you to repeat after me “protect the public’. Keep being dutiful and I will protect you .

7 thoughts on ““protect the public ” BULLSHIT OUT OF AZ BON MEMBERS , HOURLY .”

  1. who works for the nurse ? ombudsman is a joke, once mamaluy connects with another agency and tells tall tales , they do nothing , thinking goldwater a repuke group in az is going to do a thing , except gather data and take to the enemy. “so this is bliss’ many bills but like azna nothing , and you won’t , to force over sight, term limits, cause she’s working for the enemy , just like those above. Jokey’s got a big budget and kick backs r us are in the works


    1. GOLDWATER, CU’T C. McCain, & the McCain institute all get money from Soros. Whose lick McCain’s twat? That’s right it’s ridenour.
      ridiculous Ridenour hells but half full.


      1. NNAA is in a dream world thinking goldwater , repukin’s barry water gait will help them . Just for show . eventually the truth will come out , nothing changes, Cindy McCain , and William WILD BILLY BOY , all on sex trafficking committee, Joke stole a publication and put her name on it in Nurse magazine. (the one they stopped putting nurses names in because some mormons were to be named !!! ) liar JOKEY , go away . Why isn’t azna asking the dirty dir to resign , she is such a lying bitch !


      1. Last meeting of E Campbell she said no writing , this is how stupid the bd members are . And E C trying to act superior LOL!!! Emma wants to control everything out of their mouths, and has even cut out some of the recordings. GOTTA MAMALUY. illegal , like changing minutes, got them on that one too. maybe this is why only 1 or 2 talk rest just , like zombies ‘aye’ .


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