EMT ‘s charged with murder

Have you heard the shocking news that 2 EMS workers have been charged with 2 nd degree murder after a man died in their care? An officer’s body cam filmed the entire incident involving an extremely inebriated man.

Putting a person who is drunk on their FACE , and telling them you don’t have time for this sh*t . Got time for court hearings, finding another job after a stint in prison ? Cop should be charged with not stopping it , but they are the same way. EMT’s were rightfully charged in giving ketamine<enough to kill an elephant> on a cops order and killed a young man , because he had on headphones and dancing to music .

The nurses named in Judge Silvers law suit at the prison got away with negligence, patient dying, and missing many diagnosis, failure to send to higher level of care . Inmates filed complaints all tossed, because the DOC is another state agency . AZ BON is corrupt and does case by WHO THEY AFFECT IF THEY DON”T . WHERE IS THE OVER SIGHT !!!

2 thoughts on “EMT ‘s charged with murder”

  1. Ridenour sent her dumbbell daughter to another state to get her original RN, you know why? Dumbbell Stacey could not brain the ridged curriculum from the MARICOPA COMMUNITY COLLEGE COURSES.

    Ridenour, Cud chewing Emma, & HPV McCormies does not like nurses with real Intelligence. So dumb dumbs will commit dumb dumb crimes!


    1. Stacey wears eyeliner like a real cheap hoe, doesn’t spend the money with kyra like Jokey does . no dental insurance to replace those teeth, cough up the money Jokey. dyes her hair like mommie dearest . soaked into the brain. Stacey broke the law , getting license without being a resident . They do what ever!


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