This is entirely the BON fault . No one else’s . Just at the Jan meeting, watching Bubblebutt mama interrupt , the bon who is leaning another direction say something so stupid. Bubble said that she asked the nurse for a copy of her flight record !!! Not kidding. they are looking at airplane rides for verification . Boards are over schools over issuing the license and checking the transcripts , but AZ incompetents are looking at a copy of a flight record. Real detective work their mamaluy the mess. Besides what is SHE doing looking at records and deciding if they meet the standard to license . Just what is her job , troublemaker . Basically telling the bd a line of crap . And the BON members such as McCorney are so stupid they do what she wants , then the rest of the BON members are really stupid and do what McCorney does !! A real joke all of them . Huge disappointment . ! If you were at the bon meeting you would already know this though , take ride, and listen , cheap entertainment day.


  1. Q: Why is slimy Ridiculous Ridenour hiring people in other states to investigate AZ Nurses?

    A: To hide who they are!

    Q: Why is satanic monsters like Scottsdale AZ boy Scott Menzel making racist SENTIMENTS against WHITE AMERICANS?

    A: Scott Menzel is a scared communist predator like Gorge Soros who thinks if he side with the EXTREMISTS GOVERNMENT like communists Hitler he is safe!

    “I also call on the SUSD governing board to immediately terminate him.”
    Obama-honored superintendent blasts White race as ‘problematic,’. Scottsdale AZ Scott Menzel.

    Project Veritas has exposed “GAIN OF FUNCTION” in America under the name of “Directed Evolution” by Pfizer Drug Company. It’s a must see.
    Project Veritas@Project_Veritas

    You don’t need a Twitter account to watch information on Twitter.

    Here’s to Jodi O’Malley, you GOOOOO Jodi.


  2. Jodi Knows to never work the clinical area again in AZ. She knows JOEY E. RIDENOUR is having her EMPLOYEES commit CRIMES, etc. CONTACT DEPARTMENT of ECONOMIC SECURITY in AZ for information on NURSES and request nurses be denied help. She also has RACIST Hurtado contact AZ IRS an have nurses audited. 2013!

    Ones hope is a Gorilla will shit in Ridenour & Hurtado’s FACE!

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    1. no wonder Cecelia ANderson from DES got on the BON,
      Campbell asked a nurse , ‘do you want to be paid in cash so you don’t have to claim it and your kids stay on access ????? (this was in court , had nothing to do with nursing .just jungle bunny Cindy George did not get hired at her husbands place of work . Oh yes Jodi is in the cross hairs of the BON. she had a much better lawyer than mamaluy will ever dream of being , in fact EMMA doesn’t make a pimple on lawyers ass .


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