AZ BON psych babbly lying lawyer , posted a news release . Are reporters that stupid to listen to her lies ? Who made this word twisting , shift the blame, half truths and liar a spokesperson for the BON??/ Of course Ridenour who thinks atty’s are the only ones, still crying over losing her lobbyist. But lied about how she got them back. And using Busby to do her dirty work .

Here is what pyscho came up with . IT IS THE BON FAULT 100% FOR ALL OF IT !!! THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO CHECK CREDENTIALS !

At the last meeting was a fake nurse, and Mamaluy asked for a COPY OF HER FLIGHT RECORD (yes this is NOT a misprint ) to verify she did clinicals . Then she ads a disclaimer about , ars no one can look at records BS, when who knows if they are working in hospitals and patients involved, a smoke screen!

Jan 30, 2023

The Arizona State Board of Nursing (“Board”) is aware of the United States Department of Justice’s investigation and allegations of fraudulently issued Florida nursing diplomas.

To date, out of the 7,600 potential fraudulent graduates of the three Florida nursing programs involved with the alleged scheme, the number of identified individuals in Arizona who may be involved with active Arizona licenses is approximately 10. The Board has not received any reports of patient harm related to the identified individuals of concern.

This is a complex investigation due to the federal and state-level concerns, and the fact that the nursing programs involved, all of which were in other states (not Arizona), at one time held legitimate credentials.

The Board is and has been taking the appropriate actions to protect Arizona related to this matter. If credentials are fraudulent, the Board has the ability to revoke or deny licensure, after providing due process to the individual involved.

Individuals identified by the federal investigation as possibly having illegitimate educational credentials have been identified by the Arizona State Board of Nursing, and flagged in the National Council of State Boards of Nursing nationwide data system. This means that all state boards of nursing, including Arizona’s, can monitor the individuals until their case is resolved. Once a disciplinary action has been taken by one state board of nursing related to diploma fraud, all of the other state boards of nursing will have access to that information in order to prevent additional fraud.

We will continue to partner with other boards of nursing, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, and federal law enforcement authorities, as appropriate, to detect, investigate, and resolve these allegations of diploma and credential fraud.

It should be noted that Board investigations are confidential by statute. A.R.S. section 32-1664(M) and (N).


  1. OUT OF AFRICA:::::::::::::OMG “that be Racist”!!!!!! LOL WTF.
    Read all 5 charging documents.

    Charging documents at bottom of DOJ DOC:


    During the terrorist obamas term in the WH, The STATE of TX closed a NURSING SCHOOL for the same practice, all but a few were criminals out of AFRICA, the AFRICANS hauled A$$ ASAP back to AFRICA but the Americans who were involved went to jail, and all those poor A$$ idiots cried “RACISM”, TX ATTORNEY GEN.. said cry all U want but you are being CHARGED and going to jail.
    LOL……AZ is not blindsided by this current US DOJ INVESTIGATION from FL because they too had a group from AFRICA cheating at some of their colleges who where illegitimate students, those students were permanently suspended from all medical programs. An yep many were from AFRICA.


    1. Makoba Hill, and now she ‘s a pay back , got the goods, her BS for reason for stealing a nurses license is “best practice ‘ . crazy ! Hill has yet to make it to a bon meeting on time , mutes her phone so she can make calls during the meeting washes dishes, pours coffee , and wears a nite gown . get your lazy butt the meetings , so the nurses can look you in the eye who is making this life changing decisions.


  2. When a person goes to a Nursing Board an APPLIES FOR A NURSING LICENSE they have to say where they graduated, they have to give SS# or non citizenship number. “WE CANNOT IDENTIFY THESE FRAUDULENT NURSING LICENSE.”
    You Emma are a LIAR, a big FAT LIAR. If U mouth is open U is Lying.
    We are not fools to Freaks from lying state agencies like the AZBN.

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  3. All copies of graduating certifications go to a National database and they indicate the field of graduation and school with the name of the administrator who sign and certified the certificates from that graduate specialty, etc…Nursing, Judicial Doctorate.
    EMMA THE FOOL we American citizens are not fooled by UR stupidity.
    Simply ask all hired nurses to provide a copy of their graduation certificate and run it through the database.
    If Emma’s lips are moving Emma is lying.
    WHY do you stupid MF’ers have a job?

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    1. Mamaluy was with dirty Tom Horne’s office , and prosecuting nurses when Jokey got impressed with how that bitch can lie , and get others to believe her lies. The BON is the worst gullible culprits and don’t question , they just do . ALSO all records must come FROM THE SCHOOLS , sealed , so AZ BON really messed up !


      1. And that’s a lie too because Ridenour had her staff use the fax machine to get transcripts from schools of us who blow the whistle.
        F***** lying Emma.


  4. All copies of graduating certifications go to a database and they indicate the field of graduation and school with the name of the administrator who sign and certified the certificates from that graduate specialty, etc…Nursing, Judicial Doctorate.
    EMMA THE FOOL but us American citizens are not.
    If Emma’s lips are moving Emma is lying.

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  5. This is how the AZ BON operates . (oh and mcCormies son a prosecutor , no doubt does the same , all biased . post on www . Sound Familiar ? {“” Yall have no idea the level of dirt I have this so called “church”. Example. In saint johns az, town ran by Mormons. Young men who are members are getting away with rape on underage girls because the county processor was in there ward. Catholic kid does it he gets heavy jail time and book thrown at him””


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