For those who THINK they know how the operation is run , pull your head out of the sand , your fanny is showing and stupidity !

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john kauchick,rn,bsn·5 years ago

I have read several firsthand accounts of lack of due process and what appears to be the BON weaponized by hospitals to retaliate against nurse whistleblowers and truth tellers.


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Wounded Healer·5 years ago

too many nurses have been the victim of this corrupt nursing board !!!


Emily Paterson·5 years ago

No more shams with the Board of Nursing and other boards as well!


Renee Pellegalle·5 years ago

Seen unfair actions taken against friends and family in their nursing careers and must stop


Wounded Healer·5 years ago

Hey Ridenour , what you did to nurses is what they are doing to YOU !!! How do YOU like it ? Only what we are saying is the truth. And NO , not on drugs like you imply, and no not 5 nurses , so many lies you just cannot help stop lying . NO one thinks you are ‘serving ‘ anyone but yourself ! Political mess like the AZNA , dir . NOTHING about public safety. You have made too many mistakes, illegal activities , it is catching up with you , and you messed with the wrong people , they are not going to take your corruption . SHAME ON YOU ! You are abuse of power trip, horrible wicked and evil to the bone . You have destroyed lives of good nurses , and their families . DO not tell people their was ANY REASON for your ‘cases ” you manufactured cases where there was nothing . Taking care of your friends , lying through your teeth. Any students coming up need to have full disclosure what can happen to their license , thieves at the BON , make up lies , bring in liars , witch hunters ! Most of these nurses did NOTHING WRONG ! SHAME ON YOU!


Guadalupe Martinez·5 years ago

Board of nursing is corrupt. My nurse practitioner was the best. Better than the care I was receiving at the VA. Give Lynn Reichle her license back.


Steven Foubert·5 years ago



buelah mitchell·5 years ago

Sent to me to post “BOARDS SHOULD BE LIMITED IN THEIR PER VIEWS OF EVALUATIONS AND CIVIL AND NON CLINICAL ISSUES AND COMPLAINTS SHOULD BE TOSSED. ” (licensee , who does not want this bd after her/him ) we all under stand this !


Peary Brown·5 years ago

Board wicked paranoid this past meeting 26 July and called police at last meeting, the Board obviously doesn’t know the police know everything.

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