what is with the AZNA ?

First is Robin Schafer , past pres who is cohort in crime with the bon. Schafer is the one who went to the bon meeting to make it look like their was a discussion . When it was already decided. discussing the nurses paying for board ordered psych evals. Schafer said , well THE NURSES (like those on the azna hack group are the only ones , want the nurse to pay so our renewal fees don’t go up. The bon cannot threaten to raise renew fees this is SEPARATE. But AZ is one state the bon orders them on almost every one . Even repeat evals . (with psych ON THEIR LIST ONLY ) biased for business.

Then there is the past president who sits with jokey , and gives the same dirty smirks, DAWNA CATO. When did this ‘nurse’ get to the point that she can judge others , but the lies from JOKEY RIDENOUR .

Then along comes Selina Bliss , who was past president , but did NOTHING for bedside nurses , and now being a representative (by 1% of the votes in a big Republican cty ) is still doing nothing ! But is working against them !

Introducing bills for psych board,,that says if you pay for a psych eval because the crazies on the board are ordering it to CYA, and place a stigma on the nurse , you are not allowed to obtain the records. This will affect A LOT OF NURSES !! Since the azbon likes to order them more than any other state , and use that to order counseling FORCED counseling . Which you cannot complete because you must work 36 yrs and no one can hire a probation nurse. Does Selina Bliss care ? Oh hell no , doesn’t affect her , although there may be something going on there , (twitching tics are not normal ) .

The AZNA works against nurses . What other occupation is so nasty to someone who served many years bedside , because that’s where they want to be. phd , msn , NO WAY , get into mgt , not on your life . These past pres think that this cannot ever happen to them !!??? They just stand by a corrupt board . SHAMEFUL , shame on all of them . Where is the uproar taking licenses of extremely experienced nurses . Instead they join forces , become political liars, join the corruption going on at the BON . Hope they get something worthy out of their odd ways because no one will forget what rotten dirty to the core so called nurses they are . Just like JOKE Ridenour who has the power to make things right, it will never happen . Like getting the taste of blood by a wolf, the next kill will be quicker and smoother . You will not see one bill that takes ANY power away from the BON and levels the playing field for nurses who are wrongly acted on by a dirty BON. Unduly acted on , a BON who is only good at using their position to retaliate for their friends. Hospitals make mistakes and the BON will cause a big distraction.

Do these AZNA members think that the nurses did not work hard for a degree that is worthless now. How many of them kept up with acls , cen certification ccrn, pals, OR semesters, stroke certifications , tele certified, ceu’s for every state, direct patient care in many hospitals , course’s in meditech, epic, cerner, chemo certification, ortho certified, semesters in many class , symposiums all at nurses expense . phd , msn , take theory and stick it .

9 thoughts on “what is with the AZNA ?”

  1. Tongue tied , get permission , denied , let the rats roll over on the direct patient care . Jokers still pretending to be leading. Like Heidi Sanborn, talking about safety in the ER , a distraction , like jaw jacking about safe staffing. Ignore the real issues , out of control BON , they just jump in bed with them , it’s all about self serving ! How can someone calling themselves ‘doctor” be so petty giving other nurses dirty looks based on lying lobbyist for azna rumors ?? the bully with her looked like he wanted to take swings . Anyone who believes a one sided story is an uneducated fool ! Walk a mile in the victims shoes , and try to grow up . Your shameful !

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    1. They can all gang up on those trying to make it better for future nurses and reign in on the corruption at the AZ BON, but they cannot stand up for one even when they know that it is not right ! Self Serving is right on ! Take Selina Bliss who said she would talk FOR a nurse being railroaded, but then did not . Lied. excuse : Lassie was giving me dirty looks . Oh really you back down against Lassie who got fired, went to SW got fired again , went to a rehab got fired again, knowing she was the ax woman. Oh yes Selina take care of YOURSELF !! That is what selfish people do , feather their own nest and avoid saying anything to stick up for a nurse when she is at the lowest point in her life. Then when the BON acts , again with PSYCH EVALS , took , Dr Stewart said “your not crazy the BON is” . He is not longer on the list. So the corrupt BON jumps to a whole new subject . Yea Selina you and Lassie , team work . You do make a real good team , both selfish , looking out for your self . I will remember what you said, but what did you do , NOTHING ! but lied what you were going to say they CHICKENED OUT . No back bone no integrity, a disgrace to nurses every where ! And now what are you doing to take power away from the BON??? NOTHING !!! and you won’t . neither will bff catholic church friend KW .


  2. nnaa post , what a joke ! name one thing they have done against the bon. until then don’t trust them . those with nursing bd complaint , interview , regurgitated to Busby who takes it to Jokey . still studying short staffing (ROFLOL !!!) . and then one to nurse safety in the ER . Sounds like going against bon .? some real kook aid , fall for this fall for anything . {{{Nurses this is why we exist. To hold nursing boards accountable. Please consider joining us.}}} uh huh .
    another year gone by , and nothing , just azna in disguise whack jobs in bed with the bd .


  3. Ridenour has her gigantic Utters in the wringer, you sure do you ole sow. ! We will see that her dumb dumb Emma takes half the dooky when the Sh!t sack hits the fan.
    Emma’s been attempting to paddle up Sh!t creek with a weed, she’s not getting anywhere either. Give it up dumb dumb, you and the ole sow has had your day.


    1. Ridenour has it set up that McCormies is the fall guy , and the rest of the really sad low I Q on the board. McCormies is really too old to be playing these games , she will lose a lot . But that is what she deserves , just like the ones she screwed over . The ones she allowed a free pass be there to help bail her out , not on your life.


      1. An observer of why McCormies is so brain dead, dutiful, and her biggest accomplishment is BEING MARRIED???? She really drank the kook aid. Hopefully the next generation will have more guts than this KRAZY KOOK. “This is why McCormies (and boyer and fountain ) are why they are like this ) “Well hell, I could be a female Mormon life coach too, it’s easy!
        “Shut up, do as you’re told, have babies, and don’t ever, ever complain about anything”
        That’s it! That’s all that’s required to be a “successful Mormon woman”!
        Now give ME money! ” This is no joke from observation, these women have no brains to think for themselves, should never be on a BON , or be allowed to judge anyone ever . Breeding machines only , but with their low IQ , what kind of off spring will you get ?


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