It is very simple the reason , distract from the real issues , the big mistake, and keep telling those who are dumb enough to listen and join in her spreading lies. This is her end game , use others to act on her lies.

Instead of enacting a full-blown smear campaign, which often happens when a narcissist is preparing to or has already discarded their target, the narcissist will employ what I call a “magnification and minimization” tactic, which is more subtle. This method appears far less manic and contrived, plus is not likely to be considered malevolent.

Magnification is when the narcissist takes an evident truth, that a nurses license was acted on (wrongly of course , but leave that part out !) Instead of showing care and understanding, the narcissistic may tell others that you were doing things to deserve the abuse and make up scenarios involving you that never happened. (LIAR MAMALUY)

The narcissist could be relating this information to someone with a tone of care and concern. The conversation may begin with, “Oh, I am so worried about so and so…,” or, “Can I talk to you about something that is really frightening, I just don’t what to do…” etc. (SNEAKY FART METHOD)


  1. This is exactly what MAMALUY is doing , And MCCORMIES is following along , learned the destructive behavior , real well . With no concrete evidence , they make things up that are blatant lies . A false narrative is simply misinformation about a person or situation. Gossip about the false narrative is almost always involved. You may have experienced a false narrative that a narcissist created to give a negative impression of you — your identity, mental health or overall character.


  2. In order to carry out their dirty deeds they have to get others to go along with them . MCCormies, Boyer, Fountain, Locinar , Hill are perfect puppets , they will 2nd anything ! and say ‘protect the public’ like parrots . Then groups form , as if it is a collective group of nurses fighting for rights, and turn out to be turncoats , back stabbers . azna nnaa . who do NOTHING for nurses , accomplishments _______________________________________.

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  3. I’m a psychologist that specializes in trauma recovery. If the AZNA were to truly ask why we, as victim nurses are so outspoken and adverse to the BON , they need only learn about trauma responses. The instinct to fight against and try to protect others from the trauma we experienced is a normal trauma response. What looks like obsession to learn and educate about the truth is a protective measure.


  4. A AZBN dirty bird , apple polished her way to her degree by screwing over nurses is Jennifer Kirshner:

    “ Jennifer Kirshner is 53 years old and was born on 11/09/1969. Previous to Jennifer’s current city of Phoenix, AZ, Jennifer Kirshner lived in Scottsdale AZ and Paradise Valley AZ. Sometimes Jennifer goes by various nicknames including Jennifer Friedman, Jennifer Friedman Kirshner, Jennifer F Kirshner and Jennifer E Friedman. We know that Jennifer’s political affiliation is currently a registered Democrat; ethnicity is unknown; and religious views are listed as unknown. Jennifer’s relationship status is married. Jennifer has many family members and associates who include Steven Friedman, Candace Friedman, Danna Sandweiss, Gillian Brayman and Donna Friedman.”

    I am a nurse and while Jennifer Kirshner was a student I went to see her for family issues because my wife and I was not getting along.
    She sent all information about me to the nursing board. WHY?
    Her is the bitches picture on linked in
    Stay away from this C-NT!


    1. AH Another dirty psych who is hooked up with the Jewish Center ! The Jewish Center uses the BON a lot to retaliate against nurses . Who would even think of working there !! A Dr who is quit nasty , testifying against NP , he went on and on. Got to have his say in court , then the AAG Krishna repeated his bs and went on and on and on. All about One point .


      1. Jennifer Kirshner Is an American JEW like Campbell. They HATE white conservatives AMERICANS, just like SUNITA KRISHNA, & Deloris Hurtado.
        Israel Jews don’t Hate America.


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