ANDREA VASQUEZ atd program

WELL WELL WELL , looks like this short lived employee is gone . What ever happened ? IS the dirty director trying to make it look like she did everything she could (fire her ) because of the problem with the Indiana bd , Jokey wants to be ‘clean hands’ (HAHAHAHA ) DId Ms VASQUEZ , who appears to be hooked up with St Joe another one of the board allies , say , hey you guys are corrupt, and I’m out of here .

A np would fear these a holes because she would know that the corruption is deep and they will do ANYTHING to silence .

So if you know where did , one of the ones who knows how to give DIRTY LOOKS GO ? where is the one sided story believer ???

short lived at BON. looks like Janeen Done DAHN got her in . Caruso is not qualifed to do anything but flat backing . what a mess at the BON.

4 thoughts on “ANDREA VASQUEZ atd program”

  1. A AZBN brown nosed her way to her degree by screwing over nurses is Jennifer Kirshner:

    “ Jennifer Kirshner is 53 years old and was born on 11/09/1969. Previous to Jennifer’s current city of Phoenix, AZ, Jennifer Kirshner lived in Scottsdale AZ and Paradise Valley AZ. Sometimes Jennifer goes by various nicknames including Jennifer Friedman, Jennifer Friedman Kirshner, Jennifer F Kirshner and Jennifer E Friedman. We know that Jennifer’s political affiliation is currently a registered Democrat; ethnicity is unknown; and religious views are listed as unknown. Jennifer’s relationship status is married. Jennifer has many family members and associates who include Steven Friedman, Candace Friedman, Danna Sandweiss, Gillian Brayman and Donna Friedman.”

    I am a nurse and while Jennifer Kirshner was a student I went to see her for family issues because my wife and I was not getting along.
    She sent all information about me to the nursing board. WHY?
    Here is the bitches picture on linked in


    1. I noticed Jennifer Kirshner uses many different names, hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

      Remember you can’t trust someone who changes their name constantly.

      I feel for the guy who went to see a counselor out of pure trust and her ultimate goals was to seal her self a business at others expense.

      Sorry this happened to you.

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