AZ BON ruined another nurses career

At age 62 passed away heart broken , her career was derailed by a corrupt board . Denise S , grad nursing 1999 work as a surgical nurse. A 600 # pt was having surgery , no Dr would help move them , the hospital refused to call fire dept . Denise , ruptured a disk trying . Went to ER supr demanding this nurse in 10/10 pain give a drug test, it was neg . Still they got her unemployed . On the the next job . She was Taking medication Dr said was ok , facility knew about, no report to BON, until a couple years later , she quit , and when she put in to quit with 2 weeks notice they retaliated by telling her a ‘report she was over tired ” on nite shift, and drug tested her . Waiting for a spinal cord stimulator , the lost her license . Devastated , she was a threat to no one, didn’t give her a chance, just made her out to be drug seeker . No time to heal and get a stimulator just cut her off.

A cop tasers a mans testicles and get a life time pension. A cop shots a man lying on his stomach , 5 times kills him , and get a life time pension. A nurse is disposable and it is other nurse , or morons with a license who will kick them square in the pocket book, reputation, and where ever else they can . SHAME ON AZ BON , DIR , AND SCAM STAFF .

2 thoughts on “AZ BON ruined another nurses career”

  1. The entire nursing ‘profession’ is a joke ! Look who runs it in AZ Joke Ridenour ! Ran it to the ground , (that’s where the dirt is ).


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