NORA is dangerous , but for CRNA in AZ they have the moron crook ANGELA FOUNTAIN giving them all a free pass .

non-OR anesthesia (NORA) cases are projected to account for more than 50% of all anesthesia cases in the next decade.

Refuse to go to free standing, CRNA are under the BON umbrella . Randy (MORON ) Quinn got his friend and co worker Angela Fountain , “doctor of death cover ups ” to get on the BON, so they have a ‘shoe in ‘ in case complaints go in on them . Randy (moron) QUINN would not want anything to happen to his license like he did to others , who ‘s licenses were acted on unduly.

Cory Richmond, crna who killed two patients in 6 months times, got a loc NOT EVEN A DOC , with Angela the lying dirty cya friends , told him “good Job’ . The case was not well discussed or even what the matter was . Slid through like a snot rag Angela uses . All pre rehearsed ahead of time .

McCormies another biased lying bon member, who USUSALLY brings up EVERYTHING IN THE REPORT , did not this time , that is BIASED .

Tory Richmond is practicing free and clear in another state now . The patients will find nothing if they look him up the other state doesn’t even know . One patient dying , not even an injury but death due to dental work but TWO patients dying .

Was he drug tested NO did they order a psych eval NO did they put him on probation NO . Crooked lying underhanded dirty AZ BON agency members on the BON and staff especially Emma Mamaluy who directs how the meeting will be conducted, and the dirty investigator who was talked into recommending loc . SHAME ON ALL OF YOU . I hope that he is the one who puts you under.

3 thoughts on “NORA is dangerous , but for CRNA in AZ they have the moron crook ANGELA FOUNTAIN giving them all a free pass .”

  1. The one who buddies up to those they are trying to take down under false pretenses , is the most dangerous and the nastiest. Recent pictures of Kim Wohead, only verify that she was the childish one making weird noises who sat behind a couple of nurses who are ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THE BON. Hacking, smirk remarks. that head of hair, streaks in it. Acting like a childish mean girls star of nasty. IT WAS YOU , and someone that has been fighting an unfair uphill battle you are a DISGUSTING BITCH. Busby pointed us out , and you only came to harass , your a fake a loser. Appears that you are suffering from some mental condition, obsessive compulsive. Take your own free membership and stick it, you can use all the mental health that is available . Sociopathic , prisons full of them . SHAME ON YOU . Wouldn’t trust you to wipe a dog butt ! Must be hard to keep up your fake front. “going after nursing board” and trying to weasel your way into those who are actually doing something , not just TALK! Ashamed of those who fell for this gimmick .

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    1. Next time this snake KIMBERLY WOHEAD , aka druggie , gets the idea to call a nurse , be forewarned , she is recording it and has a 2nd person with her mostly Kathy Busby , the two of them working it together , and the rest of the ones at the AZ NA . They act like chosen ones, that they are a group that is protected. And they probably are because the BON is corrupt ! They go by who someone is and if a hospital turned them in .


    2. She goes about convincing people they’re broken, then offering to “help” them on your terms and conditions, and claiming to know them better than they know themselves. That’s called abuse—but regardless of what you call it, it is so damaging, in a way they are unable to see or care about.


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